Iniala Beach House – an amazing hotel in Phuket, Thailand

Glamorous, interesting and impressive, the Iniala Beach House is known as one of the top hotels in Phuket, a Thailand’s city which is famous for its stunning beaches and fantastic scuba diving. This amazing hotel is constructed with ten villas. Two rooms of which were designed bythe gifted duo Joaquin Torres Arquitectos and Rafael Llamazares from the architectural studio A-cero. The rooms stand side-by-side and share a sizable pool. Both are intentionally shell-shaped to offers guests splendid landscape of the sea.

Description from the architects: “Both [villas] play with each other and we tried to achieve the opposite interior design between them. In the first room, the vertical lines flow introducing into the sight of the visitor. In the second room the curved lines move horizontally embracing the space around. It is a game of vertical and horizontal lines that wrap the space. Looking for the ‘ying & yang’ and different sensations for each other.”