Visiting Phantom Opera Garnier Restaurant – a glorious restaurant design in Paris

Located in Paris, France, PhantomOpera Garnier Restaurant is known as an imposing design of the French architect Odile Decq,. Visiting this glorious restaurant, guests will have wonderful time to enjoy excellent services inside a fantastic interior design. The spacious area of Phantom Opera Garnier Restaurant is dominated by the colors of red and white that creates an appealing contrasting effect with the marvellous Neo-Baroque interiors of the building. During the time of construction, the architects had to cope with many problems. They had to ensure that the architecture was to be left untouched and all the modifications had to be reversible. With a budget of $6 million, Odile Decq was successful in creating an extraordinary restaurant interior design that still preserved the fascinating original structure of the Opera.

Photo credit: [Roland Halbe]