Bright Izakaya Kinoya bar & restaurant design in Montreal, Canada

Named Izakaya Kinoya, this bright bar & restaurant located in Montreal, Canada is known as one of the most inspiring works of Jean de Lessard.  Taking inspiration from the primary spirit, function and aesthetics of the izakaya, an informal place where people drink beer and sake, Jean de Lessard creatively transformed the restaurant into a comfortable, eye-catching and exciting space for guests to hang out with their friends. 

For a space to become Event or Emotion, it must generate its own energy. I designed an enclosed space that is totally focused on the business of partying. The design elements are deliberately oppressive or aggressive, so that it is anarchic, rough and where we are loudly heckled.”, said the architect. 

[Photos and information provided via e-mail by Jean de Lessard]

Visiting the Vintage Modern double height loft in Vancouver

Located in Vancouver, a coastal seaport city on the mainland of British Columbia,Canada, this industrial apartment named Vintage Modern has recently been visualized and completed by the talented architectural team at TheMACNABS. Spreading over a generous space of 1350 square feet in the Mecca loft building, in Mt Pleasant’s up and coming Brewery Creek district, the Vintage Modern presents a fascinating complex of a stylish and inviting living and dining zone, 2 charming bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a roof top patio, a secret door to a hidden office, and a sweet view of Grouse Mountain. 


Here is the description from the architects: “We definitely still want to keep it industrial and lofty and worry about baby proofing later. Welocated a barn board at Western Reclaimed wood corp for the feature wall, window trim, various light fixtures, baby barn door, side table and the large dining table. We employed industrial light fixtures from Ikea, living green wall by GreenStems, couch by Van Gogh. The floor is original polished concrete from 1995, when the building was built for artist live/work buyers.

[Information provided via e-mail by TheMACNABS; Photography: Dan Stone]

Striking white yogurt bar design by Dana Shaked

Structured in a modest space in Ashdod, a beautiful city in the southern Israel, this striking yogurt bar was creatively transformed by Dana Shaked from an old AC store with plaster niches into a stylish and exciting restaurant. In order to create an original and modern space for the bar, the designer had to remove all niches and wall covers as well as divide the space according to a yogurt bar program. The restaurant is comprised of a small kitchen, a spacious counter with service area, comfortable eating and seating spaces. Inspired by the color of yogurt, Dana Shaked created an elegant bar which presents a wide white space enhanced by special lighting. 

The artistic Pracownia restaurant design by Wamhouse

Envisioned by the well known Poland studio Wamhouse,this artistic restaurant is called Pracownia, which in Polish means “workshop”. Using white as an elegant background, the creative designers of Wamhouse drove Pracownia to a vivid restaurant by dotting delightful colors like red, yellow, pink, green and blue to the white background and furniture. With their sophisticated and youthfuldesign, Wamhouse brought a stylish, contemporary and glamorous touch to the Pracowniarestaurant. That is why-Karina Wiciak, of Wamhouse explained- the white and silver metal finishes are dominant.

[Photos and information provided via e-mail by Wamhouse]


The imposing Odessa restaurant in Kiev

Opened in 1962, this imposing restaurant named Odessa has been appreciated as one of the top restaurants in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Recently renewed by the studio YOD Design Lab, the Odessa restaurant becomes an interesting place with a perfect combination of its traditional coziness, the wooden furniture, the long ropes, the floor-to-ceiling glass panels and warm lighting system – all of these create a special cozy atmosphere for the restaurant, especially in the evenings.

And, do you know why the restaurant was named Odessa? “Odessa is a rather original city, with its inexpressible ethnic flavour and centuries-old history, which is located at the seaside of the Black Sea in the South of Ukraine. You can truly understand and come to love Odessa only once you have visited it.This is why we didn’t aim at simply reproducing the spirit of this unique city. Instead, we were trying to identify invisible associative links through which the bright image of the place would be formed.”, explained YOD Design Lab.


Ramen Bar Suzuki – extraordinary restaurant design with mosaic walls

Located in one of the most magnificent Asian cities – Ho Chi Minh City, this extraordinary Vietnamese restaurant named the Ramen Bar Suzuki attracts more and more customers thanks to its artistic mosaic walls and cozy atmosphere as well as original and imposing interior design. The Ramen Bar Suzukiis known as a fascinating work of 07BEACH who created Ramen glow. Unique, interesting and creative, this restaurant design impresses every visitor right at the first time they see it.

[Photo credit: Hiroyuki Oki]

The Wienerwald Restaurant – a modern restaurant design in Munich by Ippolito Fleitz Group


As being an inspiring work of German architecture studio Ippolito Fleitz Group, The Wienerwald Restaurant in Munich is a modern restaurant presenting fun graphics and a fascinating combination of green, white and brown that had driven the empty space into an exciting and contemporary place. The restaurant features a new brand identity which is filled with light, colors and a strong sense of naturalness. Ippolito Fleitz Group used wood and leather to create a natural interior which pleases many customers. 

Kessalao Mediterranean food take away restaurant in Bonn

Situated in the German city of Bonn, where is Beethoven’s hometown, Kessalao Mediterranean is known as an impressive food take away restaurant thanks to its unique, creative and contemporary design. Created by the Spanish creative consultancy Masquespacio, the colourful interior design of this restaurant attracts many diners every day. With only 40 square meters,Masquespacio had to take a lot of care while designing theKessalaoMediterranean from capturing references to olive oil in the logo to creatingdelightful colors and a wooden “cocoon” so that everything in this lovely food take away restaurant was definitely reasonable and attractive.

Visiting Phantom Opera Garnier Restaurant – a glorious restaurant design in Paris

Located in Paris, France, PhantomOpera Garnier Restaurant is known as an imposing design of the French architect Odile Decq,. Visiting this glorious restaurant, guests will have wonderful time to enjoy excellent services inside a fantastic interior design. The spacious area of Phantom Opera Garnier Restaurant is dominated by the colors of red and white that creates an appealing contrasting effect with the marvellous Neo-Baroque interiors of the building. During the time of construction, the architects had to cope with many problems. They had to ensure that the architecture was to be left untouched and all the modifications had to be reversible. With a budget of $6 million, Odile Decq was successful in creating an extraordinary restaurant interior design that still preserved the fascinating original structure of the Opera.

Photo credit: [Roland Halbe]

Hollow Restaurant – An elegant restaurant design

This restaurant’s name describes its interesting space arrangement – a double floor space hollow in the middle. Designed by the talented couple Sergei Makhno and Vasiliy Butenko, the Hollow Restaurant was transformed from an empty place into an elegant restaurant inviting guests to a fascinating space for enjoying relaxation and delicious meals. Found on CubeMe, this charming restaurant was structured with 2 floors that perform an exciting, contemporary and stylish interior design. The first floor of the Hollow Restaurant is used for the dining area where flowers are hanged from the ceiling to beautify the room, while the second one offers a more private space – a lounge space decorated by the same gorgeous flower style.