Original boardroom design for office meetings

Developed and completed by the Kolenik Eco Chic team in cooperation with the international lighting manufacturer Maretti, this board room impressed us with its unique and original design that featured both modern and classical style with exquisite elements. Aiming at creating an appealing and inspiring space for office meetings, Robert Kolenik creatively integrated sumptuous and unique natural materials to form a functional and glamorous boardroom. Concretely, the lush living green wall brings a cozy ambiance for any visitors of the room. Also, the exciting aquarium under the kitchen top offers guests a free trip to explore an interesting part of the mysterious ocean.

Cozy bedroom designs offering a good sleep

A bedroom is often thought to be a place for sleep and relaxation. Therefore, it will be great to own a cozy bedroom where you can enjoy resting time in warm, comfort and peacefulness. Designed with a modern and elegant style, these gorgeous bedrooms offer owners comfortable spaces for rebalancing after a busy day full of strains and stresses.

Above 2 via Happy IrenaVia Rusu RuslanDesigned by PerishVia 3DDDAbove 3 by ArLi Via 3DDDVia Andreev Ilya

DIY – Repaint the house: Bring a new look for the old wallpaper

Today, Interiordesignlovers introduce you a fascinating idea on The Painted House, which most of DIY fans may be interested. Found via FloDeau, the patterned paint rollers can easily bring a new look for the old wallpapers in your home, which makes the home new, tasteful and glamorous.

Clare Bosanquet, who discovered the unique tool for decorating wallpaper in Romania, explains that “there are two parts to the roller system: firstly, there are the 6 inch wide, embossed patterned rollers in 9 different designs; then there is a choice of two applicators, one for use on fabric and the other for paper & walls“. 

If you want to know how to do this, you can check out the video here to see the rollers in action:

You can also buy the items on Etsy, for a fair price.

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Top 11 glorious bedroom designs

Youthful, original and innovative, these 11 bedroom designs create a cozy atmosphere for owners to rebalance themselves after a long day with a series of worries and stresses. Interiordesignlovers hope that this collection will bring fresh inspiration for you to renew your beloved resting spaces.

Above 2 Via iceci3Via SaeedVia Hybrido Studio 3DVia Creative ColonyVia XM StudioVia BlackhausVia 3D ArchvisDesign by Ismail KöseVia Khoa DMVia PixcellentVia flickr

The exciting Matatena office designed by Desnivel Architects

Creatively designed by Desnivel Architects, the Matatena Headquarters is known as an exciting office in Merida, the glorious capital city of the state of Yucatan, Mexico. Aiming at creating a comfortable working environment that was not “office-like”, Desnivel Architects cleverly mixed wood and concrete in combination with white plastered walls.  Moreover, a green chaka tree was also employed to bring a environmentally-friendly touch into the office. Structured in a total surface of 206 square meters, the Matatena office was comprised of four working zones, a service area, a reception, a modern boardroom, a kitchen and two convenient bathrooms.

[Photography: Ricardo López]

Ola kitchen: fascinating kitchen designs from Snaidero

The collection of kitchen designs that we introduce you here is fascinating works from Ola kitchen by Snaidero. Developing for over 20 years, Ola kitchen is more and more successful and famous in the field of kitchen designs. In production since 1990, the award-winning kitchen marked the beginning of the collaboration between Snaidero and the Pininfarina Group. With their contemporary, clever and functional designs, these Ola kitchens attract a great attention from not only architects and designers but also a lot of laymen. 

Tasteful bathroom design ideas from FAP Ceramiche

Envisioned by the Italian company FAPCeramiche, these tasteful bathroom design ideas attracted a great attention of the community of architects and designers thanks to its splendour, modernity and sophistication. FAP Ceramiche’s bathroom designs are the artistic combinations of glorious bathroom tiled walls and functional fixtures and accessories.With appealing contrasts in gloss and matt finishes, cool mosaic detailing and beautiful patterning, Interiordesignlovers bet that these fantastic bathrooms will impress any visitor right at the first sight. 

Inspiring Indirect Wall Lighting DIY Project

The delightful indirect wall lighting you see here is an inspiring DIY project of All cool and new. Let All Cool and Newshow you how to create an amazing effect of indirect lighting on your own bedroom by using only a few basic materials that cost no more than 40 Euros (around $55). Is it interesting? Now, choose the suitable laminates to create a gorgeous ambiance for your bedroom. 

For this design, you will need three main materials: tube lights, laminate flooring planks and wooden studs in order to create the space between the wall and the planks. The tools you will be working with are: “a screwdriver, a saw, a level, extra strong mounting glue, screws, some hook screws or special nails to guide tubes and possibly some nails or tape to help the glue on the first planks dry properly.”

To begin with, drawing the outlines of the project on your wall, so you know where everything is supposed to go. Drawing a line where the light tube will be and be careful with your decision, because you need to be able to see just the indirect light, not the tubes whether you sit in bed or admire it from the bedroom entrance. For the best results, draw the lines at average eye height. What to do next: “Guide the light cable along the inner line you drew by holding it with hooked screws or cable guiders. The power cable of the light tube needs to connect to a power source so the location of that end of the wire can be important. Therefore you might want to start guiding the tube from that point so you always know the power cable can make it to your power source.”

After the lights are up, you need to mount the planks on the wall and cover up the lighting mechanism: “Saw the wooden stud in random parts and spread them evenly over the wall where the planks will have to be glued on. (We left a part untouched to keep the option of mounting in an LCD screen in the future). How you secure the studs on your wall depends on the material your wall is made of. Usually screwing them on will do. Make sure they are secured tightly though. Follow the instructions with the laminate flooring planks and saw them where necessary. Probably the best way to do this is by building the whole ‘floor’ flat on the ground. ”

“Once you know the lengths are right and the connections are all on the proper side you can start gluing the planks to the studs. Start off with the bottom planks and make sure they are perfectly level. The bottom planks might be put to some force once you start pushing the upper planks on them to connect, so make sure the glue is dried before you put force on those bottom planks. To hold the planks in position while the glue hasn’t dried yet you can use tape to secure it or hammer some (temporary) nails underneath the planks to hold them in position. Once the bottom planks are secured you can just ‘click’ in the other planks and glue their backs to the studs. Connect the power and the project is done!”

If the light shows at the end of the planks use painter’s putty to seal the project and don’t forget to enjoy your finished work!

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Appealing kid room designs for your sons

Today, Interiordesignlovers would like to share you a collection of appealing kid designs which will immediately interest your sons! Inspired from ocean and mysterious adventures, universe, sport, and other creative ideas, these kid room designs are especially envisioned for the world of little boys. Take a rest and enjoy interesting moments with the fantastic designs below!

Photographs by Pottery Barn and Pure Deco

Unique bedroom designs for fans of innovation

Let clear your busy mind and take a wander with us through this parade of unique bedroom designs and getting pleasure from exciting moments of relaxation. These fantastic bedrooms that we feature here are inspiring works of 2 gifted designers. The first one is created by Blalank Studio and the second one is from 3D artist Ramon Zancanaro, each owns a different beauty that is really impressive. 

Above 4 via Blalank StudioAbove 14 via Ramon Zancanaro