Delightful outdoor backyard design in Melbourne

This delightful outdoor backyard that we feature here is a place like that. Located in Melbourne, this spacious inviting private heaven is created by a lot of talented designers. Each of the teams helped shape the stunning design: COS Design imagined the layout, Signature Landscapes designed the glamorous gardenscape, Serenity Pools built a welcoming swimming pool and Frameless Impressions was responsible for the glass work. This outdoor backyard is truly a wonderful gift of peace in a busy city.

Photographs by Tim Turner Photography

S House: An artistic interplay of indoor and outdoor space design by Domenack Arquitectos

S House located in Lima, Peru is known as the most inspiring work of Domenack Arquitectos This splendid residence can be described as an artistic interplay of indoor and outdoor space design. S House owns 500 square meters which is designed on three levels among them each is more impressive than the next. According to the project developers, the residence is the result of dealing with three important variables: “satisfying the functional needs of the family, adapting the design to a difficult sloping topography without resorting to complicate and expensive structures, and capturing the views towards a golf course despite the fact that the plot is not adjacent to it.”

Photographs by Juan Solano

Inspiring outdoor space designs: Make your home become a resort

These inspiring outdoor space designs are amazing works of designer Michelle Adams and photographed by Patrick Cline. We hope that these beautiful images will inspire your outdoor spaces, whether you have sunny roof terraces, leafy lairs, prim patios, or are dreaming of a poolside paradise. Let make your house look more charming and attractive, which not only helps to interest yourself, but also keeps your guests staying longer!



Via Lonny

Charming outdoor living spaces for countryside

This collection presents some exciting ideas for creating charming outdoor living spaces for countryside that we are really interested. It is nothing more wonderful than taking a trip to countryside at the weekend and enjoying peace after all stressful days! We hope that you can get great inspiration from these stunning suggestions!

viaby Tanjavia 

Melissa at the Inspired Roomby Andrew Raimistby Bob Travaglioneviavia

Extraordinary outdoor living space designs by Harold Leidner

It is really interesting when having a chance to visit a house which owns an outdoor living space because it is the time for you to enjoy fresh air, open space and natural beauty. Today, Interiordesignlovers is pleasure to introduce you our collection of extraordinary living spaces designed by Harold Leidner from Harold Leidner and his landscape architecture firm are very well known in the Dallas – Ft. Worth luxury housing market. In order to create glamorous outdoor living spaces, Harold Leidner shows his artistry and creativity in each and every splendid design.