The Secrets To Making Small Rooms Look Bigger: A Guide For Newbies

It seems that some newer properties tend to have smaller rooms than ones built a century or more ago. If you live in a place with small rooms, don’t worry; you’re not the only one! Are you fed up with your home looking crammed with stuff? Do you want to revamp your home? The good news is you can make those small rooms bigger!

One way is to extend your home. But, for many people, the cost of undertaking such a task is too much. So, we must do the next best thing and make our rooms appear to look bigger than they are! Here are some tried and tested methods you should check out:

Paint your walls and ceiling white

A foolproof way to instantly make your rooms look bigger is to paint your walls and ceiling white! Sometimes you need a way to make those rooms feel more light and airy. White colored walls help to do that. The brilliant thing about white paint is that it’s cheap to buy, especially when bought in large quantities!

My personal favorite is Brilliant White, but there are plenty of other shades of white you can choose. Just make sure you cover your furniture and carpets before you start painting. Otherwise, your walls and ceiling won’t be the only things you will be painting!

Keep your flooring light in color

Some folks choose white carpets and flooring for their homes in an effort to make them bigger. It’s not something I recommend you do for your abode for the following reasons:

White floors show up dirt and will mean you spend all your free time cleaning them;

They are a bad idea if you own a dog (especially one that likes to play in the mud); and

They will make your home feel “cold” and not so “homely.”

If I had to suggest a color, I would recommend a light pastel gray color. Some people may prefer a light brown color, or, in fact, any light pastel color. The reason I suggested gray is because it goes well with white walls and isn’t too “in your face.”

Don’t decorate your home with lots of small trinkets

Anything smaller than the size of a melon has the effect of making your home look cluttered. And when that happens, your rooms will appear to be small in size.

The golden rule of home decorating is to stick with ornaments no smaller than a cantaloupe. Yes, that doesn’t mean you should just stick all your small trinkets inside a glass display cabinet!

Consider install bookshelves high up

One final tip I can offer you is to store your precious reading material on bookshelves high up, right by the ceiling.

Doing this results in two things. First, your collection of books is stored out of harm’s way. A great idea if you live in a stylish apartment and frequently have guests over! And, second, it diverts people’s attention to the ceiling instead of the overall size of your rooms!