How To Spruce Up Your Home On a Budget

Unsurprisingly, this can be quite a challenging task. Think about what a redesign can involve. You may be ripping out walls and installing extensions. But would you believe it does not have to be that complicated? Let’s look at some easy ways to improve your home when your bank account is already stretched.

A Quick Clean And Tidy

It is quite amazing what a could tidy can do for your home. Think about it. How much furniture do you have out that you do not even use? Or, what about all those knick knacks that just take up space. You may not even like them. They were gifts that you could not refuse. Put all these things away and get a new perspective of your home. Once you have gotten rid of the clutter you can delve into a good old fashioned, cleaning. Thoroughly clean your home and make it shine. This may be all you needed to do to get a fresh, better house. But, if you are still looking for improvements we have got some more ideas.


Curtains are great. You will not kill yourselves trying to put them up. There’s not a lot of DIY know how involved in the installation. Plus, they can completely change the appearance of a room. If you want your home to look more modern, curtains can do that. But they can also be very practical. For instance, if you are having trouble sleeping you may want to install some blinds. You can find cheap blinds online. Be a rockstar and block out the morning sun. We do recommend you match the colour of your new curtains or blinds to the aesthetic of the desired room.


How about a fresh link of paint to some of your room. We usually try this every summer. It is an excellent way of making your home look fresh and new again. We love this idea and you will too. Just pop down to you nearest DIY store and select a colour. Do use samples first to see whether the chosen shade matches the desired room. Painting is fun but it also quite cheap so you can try it as many times as you like. Although, bare in mind that darker colours will need more layers to paint over them.

New Equipment

Not into DIY? Too lazy to clean and tidy? Not to worry, you can always just go shopping. Look for deals online or on TV ads. If you are buying furniture, think of it like buying a car. More often than not you will not have to pay the full price. Or, what about a little more tech in your life. It is never a bad time to think about getting a new TV. You can mount it to the wall to save space and add some surround speakers for a truly cinematic experience. Do not forget to include your kids. They love their room being updated.

We hope you found these ideas helpful. Remember, your home is like a blank page. You can add whatever you want to make it more attractive and colourful.

How To Convert Your Garage Into A Usable, Liveable Space

You’ll add more rooms and let the house breathe a little. If you’re planning on selling, it will also add value to your property. Let’s take a look at where to start.


Your first job is to face up to the mess and dirt! Purge the garage of all the years of clutter. Take it to charity shops, recycling center or the tip. For the items you’re keeping, invest in a good garage storage solution and get it all out of the way. Now to tackle the floors. Use a power hose to remove all the stubborn dirt and get up into the corners of the roof.

Design and planning

Next is the creative phase. Think about how you’d like to use your new room and start sketching. Decide whether to keep the whole space or split it into two rooms with a dividing wall. Draw a rough layout so you can plan where electrics and plumbing will go. Try to tie this into your existing systems.

Building regulations

You shouldn’t need full planning permission here, as you’re not altering the shape of the home. However, you may need to file for a ‘change of use’ permission. You will also need to comply with all building regulations including provisions for fire exists, insulation, etc.

Insulation and damp-proofing

Remember, the structure is designed to be a garage, not a habitable room. With that in mind, it’s unlikely that there is satisfactory insulation and damp proofing. Get quotes for both of these jobs. Damp-proofing is especially important, particularly on the garage floor. It’s these jobs that will ensure the room is watertight and complies with regulations. It’s the first major step to making it a usable room.

Plumbing and wiring

If you plan on using your new room as a bedroom, you’ll need to consider plumbing and wiring. Rooms like a study or a gym are less reliant on plumbing, but you will need to think about electricity. It’s best to consult an architect or capable tradesman here. They’ll advise you how best to run the existing wiring and plumbing into the new rooms. The trick is to make this process affordable.

Flooring, windows and walls

Finally, you’re ready to turn your empty garage into a habitable space. The aesthetic aspects are up next, and that includes the flooring, windows and walls. If you want to turn the garage into two rooms, a simple division wall will work perfectly. Windows are best left to the experts while flooring is relatively simple to lay yourself.

There you have it, folks! You’ve completed your garage conversion. All that’s left to do is put your interior design hat on.

Foolproof Interior Design Tips For Beginners

But, fear not because this isn’t the end, in fact, it is just the start. Even the biggest novice in the world can resurrect their home; all they have to do is follow a few simple tips.

These tips for beginners will guide you through the process, turning those nightmares into your dream home. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Functionality

The first problem that arises with interior design is the functionality of a room. Once you have figured that out, you can start to furnish it or think of ideas that you like. For example, who is going to use the room? Is the room going to cater for lots of people? If that is the case and guests will be coming and going as they please, you want hard flooring over carpets. However, if the room is mainly for decoration, you can decorate it more delicately. You will be safe in the knowledge that nothing will go wrong in there because it is not in use often.

2. Commit To Colour

Colour plays a huge part in any home because it adds life and vibrancy. However, colour can go completely wrong if you don’t get it right. You can’t just put any colours together and hope for the best because some of them simply don’t fit.

You have to commit to a colour scheme that suits the room and everything in it. Not only do you have to be careful or what colours you pick, they have to go with the colour of the furniture. You can do this with specific colours that you like, or there is a general principle that professional decorators use. The ‘three colour’ principle states that you use one neutral colour and two colours that complement each other.

Finally, consider what you want from the room. If you want a warm, cosy room, go for dark colours to give that effect. Lighter colours, however, make a room seem bigger and cooler.

3. Fitted Furniture

Furniture has a tendency to make a room look small if it is oversized. If you choose the wrong furniture, you run the risk of ruining the whole effect of the room just because the sofa is a size too big. Get the tape measure out and size up the room so you don’t make that mistake.

Again, colour is an issue. Don’t worry too much about the colour because a good trick is to use accessories. Buy whichever furniture you like and then style it to the room using throw covers and cushions.

Also, consider where the furniture is going. It is not just a style issue as it is also an issue of maintenance. A sofa in the sunlight can begin to fade if it is kept there for long periods of time.

4. Sourcing Equipment

Obviously, you want your house to look its best. That means that you have the best equipment available to you to make it happen. However, you cannot do it if you don’t source it from the correct places. There are hundreds if not thousands of places to source your materials, but make sure you pick a company that the industry knows about for its quality. For example, the Kenyon Group are known for their products and their professionalism. They provide equipment such as Kenyon Group Adhesives that are well respected throughout the industry.

Choosing the right source isn’t easy, but it is necessary. The only foolproof method is to do plenty of analytical research and come to an informed decision. When you do make your final choice, only time will tell whether it is the correct one.

5. Take Care Of The Small Details

The big issue is essential, there is no question. It doesn’t mean you should leave the small details aside. The fine print is what elevates good interior design into the truly great interior design. What most people wouldn’t even consider as a task that needs completing you should put just as much effort and thought into as you would the colour scheme.

If you don’t, it can have consequences for the overall look. For example, what are you going to have as window dressings? It sounds simple because you are likely to pick curtains or blinds like most houses. But, what is your thought process and how have you come to the decision? You need to be aware that window dressings have advantages.

So, if you want the room to be darker, like a bedroom, go with curtains. But, if you want more light[1] to make the room look bigger choose blinds. Remember, the small things matter.

6. Positioning

Even the professionals find positioning difficult. The reason it is so hard is it is your personal preference, but there is a wrong answer. But, just like the pros do, use a fool proof plan to get yourself out of a sticky situation.

All you need is pencil and a piece of paper to sketch on. From there, you can sketch as many combinations as you want with your furniture and accessories, and choose the one that looks the best. It might take a little bit of time, but there is not a simpler way of doing it. Plus, if it is good enough for the specialists, it should be good enough for you.

7. Focal Point

Don’t be afraid to add a focal point to a room. In fact, you should because it makes life a lot easier. Also, with regards to positioning a focal point is a great way to position your furniture and accessories in a room around it.

Think about every room you have in your home and there will inevitably be a focal point that everything revolves around. It can be a big sofa, bed or television, but it should be something.

See, interior design isn’t as hard as you thought is it? To be honest, it seems quite easy when you explain it like that!

3 Amazing Ideas For Adding Personality And Style To Your Rental Home

In a rental home, most landlords won’t allow tenants to make any big changes to their property, including painting. To change up your home’s look and add style, some awesome accessories, and a little creativity are needed.

To give you a few ideas of how you can change the design of your rental property with accessories, here are three fabulous ideas:

1. Add personality with pictures

While decorating a rented apartment can be tricky, it’s even harder when living in furnished apartment rentals. However, there are still plenty of ways you can add personality and style to your home. In fact, one of the best ways to do so is with photographs.

Don’t be tempted just to pop a few framed pictures around the place, get creative and think of unique ways to display them. As long as you fill in the holes once you have moved out, why not use the walls to display your pictures?

Perhaps you could create a photo collage to put on the wall, or get a printed photo canvas? Maybe you could create a photo montage using a variety of photo frames mounted on the wall? There are so many unique ways to display your family pictures; a photo frame doesn’t have to be it.

2. Add style with pillows

You might not think it’s possible to add style to a rental property, but it’s actually, incredibly easy. Okay, you might not be able to paint the furniture or wallpaper the walls, but you still have accessories to play around with.

The best accessories you can use to easily add style to your home are pillows. It might sound strange, but as they come in all sorts of shapes, colors and prints, pillows are ideal for adding style to any space.

The key for adding style with pillows is choosing a range of different colors and prints and using them to create a mix and match effect.

3. Create the perfect atmosphere with lighting

You might not be able to change the color of the walls, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change the atmosphere of your home. One of the easiest ways to change the vibe of a room is through the lighting in place.

You see, the strength of the light bulb, as well as the tone of the lampshade, create a certain atmosphere. For example, a dim light bulb with an orange-toned lampshade creates a warm, cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Whereas, a brighter light bulb will create a more lively atmosphere.

You may not realize it, but by simply changing the lampshade in a room, you can give the space a whole new feel.

While living in a rental property can make putting your own stamp on your home more difficult, it isn’t impossible. There are plenty of simple ways you can add style and personality to your home, without breaking the landlords rules.

5 Secrets Behind Serviced Offices

If you’re in a serviced office space, these moments can happen with far less frequency. Most serviced spaces charge a slightly higher rental rate that includes utilities like heat, power, and water. Some even include things like internet and phone lines. When you’re paying a flat rate month to month you don’t need to worry about that big, unexpected bill.

The networking opportunities can be phenomenal

When you’re working in a serviced office space, it’s very likely that you are going to meet your neighbors. Because different types of offices tend to service specific industries for which they are ideal, your neighbors might be great contacts for you down the line. Since networking is essential for both personal career growth and the growth of a business, both your company and your individual staff can benefit from this opportunity.

You can move in right away

Serviced office spaces are often ready and waiting for potential tenants. The spaces themselves are designed to be flexible enough that any business can move in and start working very quickly. On top of that, amenities like bathrooms and appropriate networking capabilities are already there. This makes serviced office spaces a great choice if you suddenly need a new office and you need it RIGHT NOW.

Leases are often flexible and short-term

One of the reasons that serviced offices are considered a good option for new businesses is that their leases are usually much more manageable than those found in more permanent solutions. The leases can be shorter, and many serviced spaces have cancellation policies that are more forgiving than the average. This means that unexpected successes, changes in business plans or financial losses cause far fewer hassles.

Expanding is easy

Unexpected successes are way better than unexpected bills, but they can still cause problems. If your company’s growth exceeds what was anticipated, keeping up with demand can be harrowing. To solve the problem you’ll need more staff, but where will you put them?

Making arrangements to rent more space in the same serviced office building can have big advantages. For one, the rest of the staff and materials are already there and in place. Not having to move them means they can keep working while you expand. On top of that no mailing addresses or correspondence will be lost in the shuffle because your address is going to stay the same!

If you do happen to need office space RIGHT NOW, click here:

Awesome Restaurant Design Tips: Here’s What You Need To Know

The design concept your choose for your restaurant should fit in well with the style and theme of the restaurant’s menu. For example, if you are creating a Mexican themed restaurant, the decor should fit with that theme.

Even the most successful restaurants need a well thought out design to keep their customers coming back. No matter who your head chef is or where your restaurant is, remember, a restaurant’s success is often linked to its design.

To help you create a restaurant that is stylish and well designed, here are a few handy tips and ideas:

Give your restaurant curb appeal

Every restaurant needs to have excellent curb appeal, as that, along with the menu, is what gets customers inside. The best way to add curb appeal to your restaurant is by incorporating your branding onto the outside of the building. In terms of branding, ensure that you have the name of your restaurant displayed on the front so that diners find it easy to find.

It is also crucial that the exterior of your restaurant is well lit and has modern design elements to it. A restaurant that looks outdated will be unpopular with customers.

Polish up with paint

Paint only stays looking good for so long, after a few years it can begin to look dull and grubby. If you notice that the paint in your restaurant is looking a little worse for wear, it’s a good idea to repaint as soon as possible.

While many restaurants have white walls, they aren’t as effective as colored ones. Especially, for themed restaurants. If you have a themed restaurant, then using suitable colors to decorate the walls with, instead of using white, is ideal.

Add unique features

One of the best ways to add style to the interior of your restaurant is with features and accessories. Adding simple features and personal touches to the space, can give your restaurant the perfect design.

To add more style to the space, think about all the small details. From light fixtures and fittings to cutlery and crockery, every last detail needs to be right. For example, if the crockery and cutlery sets you have don’t match the style of the restaurant, it’s a good idea to invest in more. You can buy beautiful crockery and designer cutlery sets here, or at your favorite home store.

Be wary with lighting

Don’t make the mistake of incorporating bright, overhead lighting into your restaurant. Instead, opt for lighting that is a little less harsh. You may not realize it, but the lighting you implement in your restaurant can affect the atmosphere of the space. No one wants to eat in a space that is too brightly lit and lacks intimacy.

The best lighting to use in your restaurant is lights with yellow or orange tones, as these create a warm and intimate atmosphere. When implemented effectively, lighting can bring your theme to life, creating the perfect vibe.

Creating the perfect restaurant design isn’t easy, it takes a lot of time and effort. However, the key to success is thinking about the small details, all the things that many people forget to think about.

6 Fantastic Ideas For Giving Your Living Room The ‘Wow’ Factor

The good news is, that even if you are a little strapped for cash, you can still create the living room of your dreams. In fact, to create a top notch living room, you don’t even have to put in much time and effort, all it takes is a little bit of creativity.

For simple living room inspiration, check out these six ideas that will give your living room the ‘wow’ factor.

1. Unique wall art

It’s not all about the color of the walls; it’s about what’s on them that counts. And while framed photos and paintings are great, why not mix things up a little bit with something a little more unique?

Any object can be used as wall art, you might not realize it, but trust us, it can. From musical instruments and maps to music records and jewelry, any object can be used as wall art. Plus, by using objects that mean something to you, it adds a personal touch to the room.

2. Cool accessories

Instead of just the usual printed pillows, why not swap them for a leather alternative? Instead of having regular glass vases, why not use teapots as instead?

Instead of just sticking to the usual accessories on offer, get creative and think outside of the box. Sometimes the items that make the coolest accessories are the most random things.

3. Fun seating

Sofas are fine, but a swinging hammock chair is much better. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with having a couch. But incorporating a unique seating piece into your living room, like a rocking chair, can give the room that ‘wow’ factor.

4. Lots of plants

Adding plants to your living room makes the space feel lived in and relaxed, and takes away the feeling of the room being unloved.

Even if you aren’t green fingered, you can still have healthy plants in your living room, just make sure to pick ones that are easy to care for. Orchids are ideal, as they look beautiful and require minimal care.

5. A custom rug

Don’t settle for an average rug, go for something a little more unique. Instead of popping to your local home decor store, why not invest in a custom rug?

While a custom rug might cost a little more, custom rugs can come in any style, you want. There are no boundaries on the colors or prints you can use, so you can order a rug that matches your specifications exactly.

6. Amazing features

Instead of just having the usual sofa and coffee table, why not mix things up a little bit and add some unusual features to your lounge?

A fantastic way to make your living room a unique and intriguing space is by adding a sculpture as a focal point. Nothing too big, just something that fits in well with the style of the space.

To transform your living room into a unique space that you love, follow these six ideas. It’s amazing how with just a few changes, you can give your living room the ‘wow’ factor.

Controlling Natural Light in Your Home

Although we might not be able to control the sun or moon, we can influence how their light behaves once it’s inside our homes. Whether you want to maximize the amount of natural light in your home or keep it out to create a cool room, you can make design choices to do so.

Boosting Natural Light with Reflection

A lot of people find that their home doesn’t have as much natural light as they would like. They can leave their windows entirely uncovered, and at no point in the day does the sun reach in far enough. But if you despair at your dark corners, you can give the sunlight in your home a boost. One of the best ways to do it is with reflective surfaces, from mirrors to shiny furniture. If you hang a mirror opposite a window or another point where the light shines in, it can maximize the light for optimum satisfaction. Try choosing metallics and reflective materials for furniture too.

Choosing the Right Colors

Getting the colors of your rooms right is essential if you want to either maximize or minimize the natural light streaming through your windows. If you don’t get enough sunshine, lighter shades will help to make the room brighter and avoid too many dark corners. But if you have a room that perhaps gets too much light and becomes a suntrap, you might prefer to go for darker colors to help create a sense of being in the shade.

Window Coverings for Light Control

Sometimes you want complete control over how much light comes through your windows and doors, as well as privacy. Some days you might want to let in as much light as possible, but others it might be too warm to have so much sunlight streaming in. And during the night, a lot of people don’t want to have the moonlight, or artificial street lamps, disturbing their sleep. There are lots of options for controlling the light coming into your home. Some people prefer polywood shutters, while others would rather hang blinds or curtains. You could have blackout blinds or drapes at night for an entirely undisturbed sleep.

New Windows

If you’re renovating or even building a new home, you can think about the sunlight when you make plans. You could position windows, glass doors and skylights in the perfect place to get just the right amount of light into each room. Think about where you want to put them to get the best use out of each piece of glass.

Natural light plays a significant role in the look and feel of your home. Take charge of it by assessing how it behaves and making use of it.

Great Tips for Designing a Minimalist Living Room

Let these tips help you out if you’re thinking about creating a minimalist living space.

Minimalism Requires Plenty of Light

Creating a minimalist living room is all about making your living space open and airy. But you can’t achieve this if the room is dark and dull. A room isn’t spacious just because it has lots of room and minimalist furniture, a room is also made to feel more spacious by letting in plenty of light.

How your room is shaped and positioned will dictate how you go about making the room light and bright. If you have lots of natural light flooding into the room, your electrical lights will be less important. You’ll just have to use light curtains so not to block the light. But if you don’t have much natural light coming in, you’ll have to get creative with your light fittings and lamps.

You Don’t Have to Abandon Comfort

A lot of people think that a modern minimalist room has to be bland, sterile and uncomfortable. But there’s no reason why that has to be the case at all. It’s quite possible to design a living room that is both minimalist and comfortable. In fact, spending time in a room that isn’t crowded and cluttered can be more comfortable.

I’d always recommend putting comfort as high as style on your list of priorities. A living should look great, yes. But not at the expense of comfort. Some stylish and expensive sofas look great but aren’t much use for relaxing on, so make sure your sofa does both jobs.

Ditch the Carpet and Use Wood

Some people might disagree, but I’ve never been convinced that carpet works well as part of a minimalist living room design, it can overwhelm a room. You want something smooth, simple and a bit more elegant. And that’s exactly what wood floors offer you.

You could pull up the carpet and sand down the floorboards. But I’d recommend going for a top-quality hardwood option. It can be quite pricey to go down that route, so if you’re on a tighter budget, use laminate wood flooring. It’s not quite as good as the more expensive stuff but gives the same effect.

Stick to a Simple and Strict Color Scheme

Colors are essential when decorating a minimalist living room. There are a few simple rules you should follow when choosing your color scheme. First of all, don’t use too many colors. The room will look too busy and over the top if you try to use a whole host of different colors. And that’s not good for a minimalist design.

You should use predominantly natural colors. That means whites, light blues, and light greens. But a simple contrast between two colors can look great two. A lot of people choose to go for white and black. It’s very simple, but very effective too. Limit your choices to three colors at most.

Minimalist living rooms are timeless so they’ll never go out of fashion. Make sure you follow these tips before you start designing yours!

Explore The Power Of White In Your Design This Season

You may have a color scheme in mind before you start, or you may have purchased some furniture you are keen to show off. There are several ways to bring colors, textures and shapes into a room to make that all important impact.

White is fast becoming the hot new color for living spaces. People have historically been afraid that too much white in a room can feel a little clinical. Now hospitals and doctor’s offices have moved well away from white, the concerns have gone. Instead, white means fresh, new and clean. It can be like a blank canvas for you to focus on your wall art, furniture and floors. Even white furniture in a white room can work well if you know how to play with light and shade effectively.

Natural light from a window will bring the warm yellow glow of the sun into the room, spreading up the walls and across the furniture. Subtle shade will be created from the shadows. In the evenings, use spotlights and floor lamps to create other interesting lighting effects. You can even choose hints of colored light to enhance the mood, or dim the amount of direct light with a dimmer control.

For shape, texture and vibrant color in the room, you can’t beat abstract art canvases and pictures on the wall. This kind of artwork works very well in extra large sizes, but can also provide minute detail to plain areas with extra small sizes. This splash of vivid color and the contrasts within the work itself can create focus points and interest for the room. Bring out one or two of the starkest colors in your soft furnishings for the couch too.

Rugs are one of the best ways to bring incredible textures into the room. Your sofa may be quite minimalist, but the rug can be full of color, pattern, and texture. Choose longer fibers in your rug. Man-made or wool rugs can both provide tantalizing choices in textures. A centerpiece for your coffee table may bring out some of the colors from your rug. Fill it with pebbles, slate chippings, or any other natural items that beg to be touched!

Your living room is the room you use most often to spend time with your family and guests. A bright and airy room can feel more spacious than it is. Gone are the days of big, squishy sofas that provide little effective seating space. They clog up the room. Choose simple designs of corner settees to bring everyone together in your seating area. Successful interior design never needs to be difficult. You can use apps for your smartphone, or a design scrapbook to bring your ideas together before you commit. Enjoy the process of creating your perfect living room, by using the effects of color, texture and shape this season.