Out of the Box Bedding Ideas to Try Today

Out of the Box Bedding Ideas to Try Today

If you love interior design and are constantly looking for ways to give your bedroom a new look and feel you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to bedding. In addition to bedding there are quick and easy updates you can make to your bedroom seasonally to give it added elements of style and flair.

There are so many options available when it comes to bedding today and dressing up your bed can be just as exciting as dressing up yourself every morning. If you are looking for different and new types of bedding and you aren’t quite sure where to start, threel.co.uk can get you moving in the right direction.

Eco-Friendly Bedding

If you have allergens to certain materials like polyesters and other synthetics you know how difficult it can be to get a decent night’s sleep.  You may not even realize it but your choices in bedding could be affecting you negatively if you are not making the right ones. The best materials to choose for your bedding are items that are all natural and eco-friendly.  There are many eco-friendly bedding options available on the market today. Depending on the style of your bedroom, your own personal style, and what is important to you from an environmental responsibility perspective, you can make a choice that you can feel good about. Cotton bedding is inherently eco-friendly as it is made from the fibers of a naturally occurring plant. Cotton is breathable and it allows air to freely circulate throughout your bedding while you sleep at night. Proper air flow for breathing at night is extremely important for obvious reasons. It can prevent sleep apnea, snoring and can help keep your body temperature regulated so that you aren’t too cold or too hot under the covers.

Linen bedding is also natural and is created from the fibers of the flax plant. Most consumers wouldn’t think of linen as an option for bedding but it has gained popularity in many different areas across Europe. Bamboo bedding is another type of eco-friendly bedding that is a bit more affordable than other types of bedding like high thread count Egyptian style accoutrements. If you are looking to change up your bedroom on a budget bamboo may be the way to go. It is also anti-bacterial in nature and has a feel that is similar to the feel of silk.

Simple Design Updates

In addition to updating your bedding you can add simple design elements to your bedroom to give it more texture and to add interest to the room. Pile your bed high with throw pillows, add a fuzzy area rug at your bedside so that you have something warm to sink your feet into when you wake up in the morning. Add a tufted chaise lounge to the foot of your bed. Simple and small design elements can pack a big punch in the style department. 

Nhu Anh

Nhu Anh is a professional editor in the field of architecture and interior design. Having a strong desire for architecture and design in her writing career, Nhu Anh attempts to provide readers the most wonderful architectural news and projects.


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