Kid-Friendly Smart Home


Increased Functionality

Making your place a better organized one for the benefit of the kids doesn’t necessarily have to be performed through high-tech devices. Thanks to the advancements in architecture, today houses and apartment buildings are built on the basis of practicality and energy efficiency. So, today you might need two rooms for your kids, but when they go to college or simply move out, you will have empty space that will only cost you more money. However, by utilizing modular design ideas, you can adapt your home in accordance with your needs.

Balanced Heating and Cooling

One of the burning issues in every household is the problem of temperatures in children’s rooms. Here is where technology can help you. As you might know, nowadays you can use smart thermostats. They are connected to your WiFi router and you can control them from your smartphone or tablet; the key feature is the app via which you can turn it on or off, as well as set the program you prefer (if the thermostat is programmable). This device leads to lower electricity bills and higher comfort for your kids. Every room can have its own item. Although the initial investment might be expensive, you will return the money due to the energy waste reduction.

Floor Senses

Scientists are constantly working on new improvements that will make our homes even smarter and harder to break in. German scientists have developed asmart floor, sensitive to touch, which will be able to sense if somebody has broken into your house or that someone has fallen on the floor, which can be crucial if you have kids. Either way it will call the emergency service to make sure that the home remains safe. If you opt for anything similar for your floor, don’t forget to add a more traditional touch to it and order rugs online to get a lower price and decorate your smart floor.

Dark-Free Home

Parents often get worried when their little heirs wake up in the night and want to go to the bathroom. They are often afraid of the dark and they can even hurt themselves if they hit anything on their way to the light switch. To protect your kids you can install the lights that activate to motion and then switch off again when nobody passes by them for a certain period of time. That way your kids don’t touch the light switch, which also increases their safety.

Home automation based on new technologies could be helpful in many situations. However, no parent should ever rely only on those features, since nobody and nothing can replace the real care that only parents can provide for their children.