Keeping Your Home Safe And Sound

You have just made your house a gold mine for burglars, and this is an issue, particularly if you are thinking about going away sometime soon. You will have put a lot of money into the design process so we imagine you will want to protect your investment. You can do this by adding some extra security measures to your home. Some of these may seem drastic but remember, you are protecting the home of your children and all your personal possessions.

Install A Hi-Tech Alarm System

It is a common fact that many people do not switch their home alarm systems on when they leave the house. They think because their house is in a good neighbourhood it is protected. You would be amazed how many people in an upper-class neighbourhood leave their doors unlocked, even when they are not in the house. But, this is a big mistake on their part because they are just asking for a break in. You should always have your alarm system on when you leave your home. If you want to go the extra mile, upgrade your security system with multiple alarms in your house. You can even install one that will go off if anyone pulls up on your driveway. This can be a comforting notion when you are halfway around the world on holiday.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are common fodder for jokes in Hollywood films. The rich family puts the motion sensors on around their home, and it sets off every five seconds because of birds and animals. But it is a possibility that is worth considering. Particularly, if you have a lot of different access points to your home. If your house is not in a tightly compact neighbourhood, a burglar might be able to get onto your premises undetected.

Security Shutters

You must have driven through town late at night and seen all the shops with their rollers down to stop thieves breaking in. We wonder if you ever considered why homes do not have this security feature. Well, the super rich do have this feature to protect their valuables and their family from trespassers. Now, Perth Homeguard has made it an affordable option for everyone, offering a service to set it up in your home. You will never again need to worry about a break into your house while you are away in on holiday.


There are several issues with installing CCTV on your home. If you live in certain neighbourhoods, they do not allow exterior changes to the outside of the house. That can refer to cameras particularly if they stick out. Second, in some areas laws prohibit using cameras that record footage of another person’s property. So, you will need to check before you set them up. But, if they are allowed in your area a CCTV system is well worth considering. It can make your house look secure and act as a deterrent to stop criminals even considering a break-in.

Take our advice and use some of these ideas to protect your family. Better safe than sorry is a criminally underrated term.