Ideal Interior Design Tips That Embrace The Weird And The Wonderful

What makes a home the place that you love more than most in the world? What about the history? Or, what about the memories your home holds? Sentiment and nostalgia play a big part, but what makes a house a home is the fact it is yours.

The property you leave and go back to every night is different in some many ways to any other house. Every home has quirks and oddities, and it is these oddities that we cherish as much as any other.

However, from an interior design point of view, quirks are not a good thing! Although they add character to the property, they make decorating impossible. So, how do you proceed? Do you change the things that make living at home so great, or do you leave them as they are and sacrifice the aesthetics? Fortunately, you don’t have to do either. Below are some great tips on how to embrace the weird and wonderful parts of your home with interior design.


Small Spaces & Corners

Small spaces are usually the hardest part of a home to decorate. Although it space you can use, a lot of homeowners tend not to try and maximise it. For starters, it is hard to think of an accessory or a fixture that could fit into the space. And, the space is that small that it looks like it wouldn’t make a difference anyway. As a rule, any space can make the difference, so you need to think about a solution. It depends on which room the space occupies, but there are always fixtures that are built for this one purpose. For example, a corner sink in a bathroom or a kitchen fits perfectly in the small space and opens up the whole room.

One obvious way to tackle the problem is to install smaller furnishing. At the moment, big furniture is trendy. You, however, cannot afford to follow this trend. Consequently, you need to look for smaller accessories. To stay with the bathroom theme, you could always buy a very small toilet or a small shower.

Strange Design Flaws

Okay, they are not design flaws as such because the house was built with one purpose in mind: to not fall! From an interior design point of view, though, they suddenly become a design flaw. Everyone has a house with a design flaw, no matter how small. One of the main ones is columns that jut out of nowhere. The best option is to blend them into the house’s surroundings. Work with the architectural designs regardless, and decorate how you would normally.

A great example is a set of high windows. High windows leave a lot of space that you need to cover. By decorating as normal, you can cover them with a few strategic accessories. A lot of homes with high windows tend to use large pieces as focal points, such as a guitar or large paintings and pictures.

Space Behind Doors

Argh! The space behind a door is so infuriating! I mean, what are you supposed to do with that space? You can’t fill it with furniture because it will block the door, and what good is a door that doesn’t open? The answer to the problem is quite simple when you think about it rationally: just leave the door open. Okay, if it is the front door then that is not an option. But, the kitchen door is a brilliant candidate, as is the door from the living room down the hall. Not only does it occupy the space, it always makes your home feel more open. One final tip: the experts recommend leaving the door ajar as opposed to fully open.

The Spot Between The Window And The Wall

Unfortunately, the space between windows and wall is not always enough to decorate. To be honest, you can attempt to decorate it, but it never seems to work. The tiny pieces of art that people put in these spaces look lonely and scream you are trying too hard. Instead of trying to decorate one part of the space, turn the whole space into something pretty. Look around. It is not just the wall that is the problem because the whole corner is bare. Turn the space of the room where the wall is located into something productive. Maybe a seating area where you can read

and relax?


The Stairwell

Inevitably, a stairwell has a cranny underneath. Unless that area has been boxed off by the builder, there is a decent size space that again looks bare. Even worse, because they fit around the stairs the space is never the same, which is hard to plan for. Some can be wide and short while others can be fat and long.

As the space is different, why not try a different style to occupy it? Every homeowner has that one piece they love but they are still not sure about, so it stays firmly in storage. Use the space to experiment a little because there is not much that can go wrong. The stairwell space is perfect for that funky chair or ‘love’ sign you have meant to use.


The Small Kitchen

Apart from a small bathroom, there is no room in the house that is worse than a small kitchen. Both the kitchen and the bathroom are rooms where you are constantly on the move. You are chopping onions or putting food in the oven to cook, so you need space. In all honesty, this tip is not elegant or graceful. You need to rip away as much of the trimmings as you can and clear as much space as possible. Only then will you be able to work with the floorplan.

Also, make sure everything fits. You haven’t got enough room to begin with, so you can’t afford the sink or the cooker to be jutting out into the open space.

You might like the weird, and wonderful parts of you home now, but with these tips you fall madly in love.

Nhu Anh

Nhu Anh is a professional editor in the field of architecture and interior design. Having a strong desire for architecture and design in her writing career, Nhu Anh attempts to provide readers the most wonderful architectural news and projects.


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