How To Design A Bedroom That Helps You Sleep

How To Design A Bedroom That Helps You Sleep

We all know that a good eight hours sleep will set you up for the day ahead. Few of us get the amount of sleep we need, and some may even suffer some bouts of insomnia. There are myriad reasons why you struggle to hit the hay, but one reason might just be your bedroom. Creating a perfect little sanctuary of sleep is the first step to getting the rest you need. Remember, your bedroom design should be relaxing and cosy. Today we’re going to show you the decorating tips that will actively help you fall asleep.

Using the right techniques, you’ll soon be snoozing into a deep, refreshing sleep. Each of the tricks below have been tried and tested by interiors experts. They do work, but you’ll have to take your own personality into account too. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best sleep-inducing design you can adopt.

Feng Shui stability - Whether you believe in the power of Feng Shui or not, there is some logic to the placement of furniture. For instance, when we fall asleep, our brain needs stability to switch off. It needs to feel comfortable and secure. Any niggling thoughts will keep you switched on and alert. Simply rearranging the room could give you that stability. For example, place the head of your bed against a solid wall. That gives you a sense of balance in the room. A headboard can also give you that anchored sense of stability.

Dimmer lights - The best interior designers rely on lighting to create a unique atmosphere and ambience. You can do the same in your bedroom. Harsh, bright lights keep your mind whirring and eyes open for longer. Instead, why not install dimmer switches? Over the course of the evening, you can slowly lower the lighting to lull you into a sleepy feeling. You can create a similar effect with simple bedside lamps.

The perfect mattress - Good interior design is all about function as well as form. In other words, the elements of your bedroom should work practically as well as look great! A mattress is the perfect example. A good mattress makes all the difference when it comes to a peaceful eight hours. Take a look at these great mattress guides, and find one that works for you. You’re looking for something that balances your body weight perfectly, and feels comfortable. The key here is not too hard, but not too soft.

Declutter - When you’re thinking about your bedroom design, think minimal! A clear, tidy room helps us switch off at night. When there is clutter on the floor and on the sides, it keeps our mind awake. It’s much easier to fall asleep when we aren’t constantly reminded of jobs around the house. Aim for a completely free bedroom area, so your mind is free to switch off completely.

Sleep-inducing colours - There is a certain science behind the colours of sleep. In general, it comes down to relaxing, soft, pastel shades. Sharp, primary colours are associated with alertness, and even danger. So, they should be avoided at all costs. Instead, choose muted colours that inspire a calm and relaxing atmosphere. A pale blue is generally considered the very best option (according to scientists). Moss green and soft yellows are also a great choice.

Use your own personality - Despite the science behind sleep colours, you should use an element of your own personality. You know yourself best, so ask yourself, what colours do you find most relaxing? What decorations and designs do you find comforting and homely? For a sound night’s sleep, you must feel comfortable in your own bedroom. So choose design elements that make you feel happy and secure. It’s all about you here!

Lose the electronics - Electronics and gadgets severely restrict our ability to sleep. Science shows they keep our brains wide awake, and our eyes wide open. Using electronics instinctively tells the brain that you’re still working. It becomes very hard to switch off, and fall asleep. So, if you’re planning a redesign, forget the TV. Put away the laptops, and even avoid smartphones and tablets when in bed.


Candles and smells - We love to use candles across the entire house. They provide a soft, ambient glow, which creates a welcoming, cosy environment. In the bedroom, you can also use scented candles to create a serene space to fall asleep. Using your favourite calming smells, it will help create the perfect atmosphere for snoozing! Lavender and jasmine are particularly good for inducing sleep.

Ceiling fan - You may not have considered a ceiling fan in your home design, but it’s a great option in the bedroom. Why? Because it helps regulate the temperature in your bedroom. To fall asleep, the body temperature needs to drop slightly. Sleeping in a warm, stuffy room will keep you awake for hours. A simple ceiling fan will help change that. Plus, it gives your bedroom a Parisienne vibe!

Soft furnishings - Soft furnishings, like rugs, pillows, and blankets, will help inspire the mood for sleep. Anything soft and comforting will automatically link to snoozing. It will feel soft and relaxing when you’re in the room, and create the atmosphere for sleep. These soft furnishings will also help absorb and soften the noise from the house. If you’re easily disturbed by your next door neighbours or movements in the home, try it yourself.

Thick curtains - Last of all, it’s time to block out the light! Our brains associate natural light with the waking hours. When natural light seeps through the windows, it’s very hard to fall asleep. In those long summer days, this is a particular problem for sleepers. With that in mind, invest in thick, chunky curtains. These curtain styles are always regal and cosy looking, so they’ll fit the stylish decoration too. If you suffer particularly badly with natural light, try installing blackout blinds. They are super effective when it comes to a good night’s sleep!

When you’re redesigning your bedroom, make sleep a priority! Take these ideas into account, and start waking up refreshed.

Nhu Anh

Nhu Anh is a professional editor in the field of architecture and interior design. Having a strong desire for architecture and design in her writing career, Nhu Anh attempts to provide readers the most wonderful architectural news and projects.


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