How to Add Value to Your Home on a Budge


Create a blank canvass

All good estate agents in Dawlish will tell you that a quick and simple way to boost the value of your property is to refresh it with a new coat of paint. As a general rule, it’s important to stick to neutral tones as this will allow prospective buyers to treat your home as a blank canvas.

Also, a simple and light colour scheme will help to make your rooms seem brighter and more spacious.

Focus on the essentials

Revamping all parts of your home may be too expensive. Also, altering each and every room may not make financial sense. Remember, it’s important that any changes you make to your home are reflected in the price you get for it when you come to sell it. This means it’s important to prioritise the key areas.

It’s well-known that home buyers often focus on kitchens and bathrooms when they’re viewing properties. Therefore, by tweaking these spaces, you stand to benefit from the maximum return on your investment.

Simply fixing leaky taps and re-grouting around your bath and sink could help to ensure that your bathroom makes a good impression. In your kitchen, consider replacing any outdated or damaged cupboards or work surfaces. There are some great deals available on products like this and they can dramatically improve the look of the room.

Get creative with lighting

It’s also worth getting creative with your lighting. By layering your illuminations, you can achieve stunning results. Consider using a combination of uplights, downlights, recessed lighting, lamps, spotlights and picture lights.

Tidy any outdoor spaces

Even if you don’t use your outdoor space much, it’s important to make sure it is tidy and carefully planned. Like kitchens and bathrooms, gardens can help to sell homes. Make sure yours is clear of any debris and looks well-cared for.

Get suitable storage

Clutter is a big turnoff to potential buyers. This means suitable storage is a must in your home. By investing in some extra shelving, cupboards and so on, you can help ensure your home always looks tidy.

Pay attention to those all-important finishing touches

Simple finishing touches can add charm to your property too. For example, hanging a few attractive paintings or prints on your living room walls can help to give the space added personality.

With some simple DIY and a few savvy purchases, it’s possible to dramatically enhance the look and feel of your property and to raise its value. If you’re ever stuck for ideas, just look online. You’ll find all the inspiration you need.