Five Ways To Make Your Interiors More Personal

These days you can get just about anything customised, from photo frames to cushions and blankets to kitchenware. As well as buying personalised items from shops, there are many other ways to make your interiors more evocative of you and your life. Let’s take a look at these five ways to make your home more personal.



1. Photographs

One of the best ways to make your interiors your own is to display photographs of you, your family and friends and of the places you’ve been. Many people have free-standing frames or wall mounted photos. If you want to do something a bit different and on a larger scale, you might like the idea of having your photos blown up and turned into wallpaper. This is possible by working with an online business like Wallpaperink. If you have taken photographs of people or destinations that mean a lot to you, this is a very creative way to include them in your interiors.



2. Heirlooms

Another excellent and meaningful way to make your interiors more personal is to include some furnishings that have been passed down through your family. Find out from your grandparents, parents and other relatives if there are any items of interest that you could get your hands on. They may be willing to give you wardrobes, chairs, mirrors and paintings from generations passed. No doubt these belongings will come with an interesting story, so they also add history and intrigue to your interiors.


3. Souvenirs and gifts

Souvenirs that you have picked up while travelling around the globe, or gifts that have been given to you by family and friends will also help to make your home more personal. Give these items pride of place on a mantelpiece or in a glass-fronted cabinet. Here they can constantly remind you of all the interesting places you’ve been and people you’ve met along the way.



4. Do-it-yourself elements

If you are a hands-on type of person, you can use your skills to adapt your home in a way that reflects your individual tastes and interests. From DIY dining tables and chairs, bookshelves and headboard, there are many creative things you can do around your home to give it an individual stamp.


5. Fill with your favourites

Using all your favourite colours, patterns and materials is another effective way to make your property your home. Filling your vases with your favourite flowers and featuring themes that are personal to you, like nautical or nature, are also great personal touches to make.

What makes a house a home are all its personal elements. There are many ways to make your interiors your own. We hope you have found some useful inspiration on this subject in this post.

How have you made your interiors more personal?