Essential Design Elements For The Bedroom

The bedroom needs to actively promote good quality sleep, all year round, and right through the night. There are some key things to consider to get your bedroom design right.

With a single aspect window, it is easy to work out which season will be most challenging. With a double aspect, you may have trouble with light, heat, noise or cold all year round. If the sun streams in during the summer, it is important to install blackout blinds or other means to prevent the heat building up. You may want to think about air conditioning as well. For a north facing room, the problem may be with cold in the winter, so thermal backed curtains may be very helpful here.

Cold rooms also benefit from carpeting, but a lush rug may be just as effective. As we tend to be barefoot in the bedroom, the choice of flooring is important to avoid injury or discomfort. In an apartment building, you may want carpets installed to reduce the noise between properties. If you don’t need carpet, dark stained wooden floors are very stylish in the bedroom and work with most decor choices.

Ornate beds with four posts are trending again this season, and it’s no wonder! Wooden bases look beautiful in the bedroom. They can be a little oversized for today’s mattresses. There are websites that can tell you all you need to know about the mattress wedge that should be used to eliminate the gap. This makes the bed more comfortable to use and helps reduce the risk of waking in the night.

The choice color in the bedroom is important to promote relaxation if you have trouble drifting off to sleep. Avoid vibrant colors and accent walls, especially in smaller rooms. Instead, subtle tones in a related palette can help calm the mind and help you to feel restful. Pick stronger shades in cushions and bed sets, but avoid the brightest ones. Lighting should also be subtle in warm whites.

Many people love to watch TV in bed, but this can hinder your ability to fall asleep. If you do install a television in the bedroom, consider your viewing angle. If you are sitting up, you want the TV at about head height. If you lay down, it can be close to the ceiling.

Mirrors in the bedroom are also important and should be placed where the natural light aids the reflection. However, for a good night of sleep, it’s best to keep mirrors out of view. They can reflect lights from the street and distract you in the night. A good dressing table with standing mirror is the best idea in a bedroom. Leave large mirrors for the walk-in closet and bathroom if sleep has been a problem in the past.

The bedroom should be kept cool and quiet to aid good sleep. Sometimes moving the furniture is all it takes to get a good night of sleep. Colors, light and the choice of bed can also have a remarkable effect on the quality of your sleep, so consider these in your design. Sleep well.