DIY Decorations For A Modest Budget


We’ve put together this list to get you started. They are some simple concepts that are so easy to put together, but will also set you up with the skills you will need for more advanced creations. So, head out to your local craft store and get ready to transform your home in a budget friendly way.

Build a cork noticeboard

All you need to build an amazing cork noticeboard is a huge pile of corks, a thin piece of plywood, a glue gun and some hot melt glue sticks. You might want to pick up some suitable driftwood from the beach, too, just to give it a fantastic finish. All you need to do is heat up the glue and use it to stick the corks to the plywood. Once it has dried, frame it with your driftwood and that’s it: you have yourself a jazzy new noticeboard. It looks great – and it keeps you more organised. What’s not to love?

Design your own lampshades

If your lampshades are looking a little tired, why not make your own to replace them? You’ll need a lampshade kit – you can get them easily from a craft store – and some fabric or old wallpaper. You can either use the wallpaper design as is, or print your own onto the fabric with a cut-out piece of lino. It could cost you a maximum of five or ten bucks to come up with an entirely unique lampshade that no-one else will have, and could save you a small fortune from buying new.

Easy photo frames

Photos are a permanent fixture in most households, but why not treat your favourite snaps to a makeover? You can make photo frames from virtually anything – old coat hangers, unused ceramic tiles, and even twigs you have collected from a forest walk. Use some scissors, a few pieces of old rope or string, and a dash of glue here and there to hold everything in place. You could even paint the finished article to contrast or compliment the key colours in your favourite photograph. Creating your own photo frames is a great way of getting into DIY crafting and also helps you find a use for all the spare bits of junk you have lying around the home.

Easy storage boxes

It’s hard to believe the price of some of the boxes that you can buy in the shops. After all, it’s just some cardboard with a funky design on it. Making our own is so easy, that there really is no need to spend money on buying new. Just take a suitable and sturdy box – new shoe boxes are ideal – and cover the with whatever you want. You could even go the extra mile and give them handles – which are available for peanuts and will add that extra layer of luxury.

We hope this has helped inspire you to get started with DIY crafts, and don’t forget to let us know what you come up with.