Design Your Bedroom With Sleep In Mind

Of course, the design of the room is just one of the considerations when it comes to creating a perfect sleep haven. Many people have obstacles to a good night of sleep. There may not be enough hours in the day, or you need to work shift patterns. For some people, pain is a big problem. It’s difficult to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. In the night, the pain may even wake you.

The right bed is certainly a big consideration for both aesthetic reasons and comfort. It is thought that you can get rid of lower back pain by buying the right mattress for you. That’s why it might be best to start designing your new bedroom around the bed you choose. Some beds require extra space, especially if they provide storage.

To facilitate a good night of sleep it’s best not to watch TV in bed, but most of us love catching up with a show or two when we drop off. Now you have picked and positioned your bed you can identify where the TV points need to be. Once they are installed, you may be ready to position the rest of your furniture.

If you are changing the decor to help you relax and sleep in your bedroom, then you may might be looking for a calming color palette. This season, olives and yellows are proving very popular. Blues and lavenders are also thought to help relax the mood of a room. If your room is only to be used for sleep, why not keep the walls fresh and white? You can then use wall art or an accent wall to add depth, pattern or color.

Many of us are barefoot in the bedroom, so a rug could be a great accessory to add. Instead of geometric patterns and vibrant colors, why not look for gentle swirls in limited shades of a single color? The texture is important. Not only does it feel good under our feet, but it adds design interest to your room. A simple bed runner or table runner for your dresser could pick out that color as a feature.

Window dressings are very important in a bedroom. Not only do they need to look good and match the palette of the room, but they need to control the light too. Blackout blinds are very hand for those who work shift patterns. Venetian blinds can control how much direct sun enters the room during the day too. Lavish, luxury, lined curtains will keep the draughts out and the warmth in during the winter.

Designing a room is a great interior design project to take on. When you have to factor in the functionality of the room and the lifestyle of the occupant, it can be even more challenging. Sleep well in your new room.