7 Tips to Consider When Replacing Windows


1. Appearance

As with anything, the appearance of the item is very important.  You must like how the windows look and ensure that the windows fit in with your existing home décor.  Does it appear to be made with quality materials that are also attractive?  The style of your windows and the type of hardware must be attractive to you and complement your home.

2. Operation

The windows should operate with ease, especially if they are new and on display.  If they do not work easily for you, find a window that is easy to operate instead.  The window locks should be easy to engage, especially if you are in your forever home and will be using these windows for years as you increase in age and strength.

3. Service

What type of service does the company offer? Are there parts and replacement glass units available easily?  It is nice to purchase from a stable company that has great customer service and an easy way of obtaining parts.  Do a search for reputable window sales and installation, like St. Louis replacement windows, to find dealers in your area that you can compare prices and products with.

4. Warranties

What type of warranty is provided with the installation?  The most important part is the seal between double-pane glass; so check on this part first.  You also want a 20-year or more warranty on the glass.

5. Cleaning

Take a look at the windows and determine the ease of access to both the inside and outside of the windows.  This will be what you must do to clean the windows in the future, so you want the access to be easy.

6. Glass type

There are several grades of window glass available.  Energy-efficient double-pane glass is the norm at this point and what you want for your home.  There are also two types of glass for cold climates and for warm climates, so pick the glass that works in your area. 

7. Extras

Sometimes the extras are just aesthetic and sometimes they are well-worth the money.  One option is to invest in the low-E coating, which decreases infrared and ultraviolet rays from entering your home and destroying furnishings and adding heat.  The argon gas between the panes is an upgrade option that is known to make the windows more energy-efficient.  You should also go with the sturdy vinyl inserts on the windows to ensure the seal is sturdy.

Regardless of the windows you choose in your newest home improvement endeavor, ensure that they are the windows you want and that you need.  If you live in a cold area, you should purchase windows that fit with that environment.   If you are in a very sunny climate, you will want energy-efficient windows that use the low-E coating to help decrease the harmful UV and IR rays from entering your home and damage the interior and also producing unnecessary heat that you will have to pay the electric company high amounts to cool.  Use these tips to find the perfect windows for your home.