Stunning Living Room Furniture: How To Choose Luxury Pieces

If you wish to overcome this issue, you need to ensure that you understand current trends and styles. Impeccable home furnishing takes time and money to complete. You must spend a whole load of time thinking about what you want, and how you can achieve your desired effect.

Consider your interior design

If you don’t plan to alter your interior design, you need to consider what living room furniture will suit it. For example, if you have minimalist interior decor, you can afford to be a little experimental when it comes to what pieces you get. You could try out some postmodern furniture pieces in the room with ease as they will provide a striking contrast to the decor. Alternately, if you happen to have a lavish decor style in the room, you should stick to classic furnishings.

Find a unique designer

There are many brilliant designers on the scene right now, and so you should have no issues finding one that you adore. Look at a range of furnishing styles before you settle on one. Remember, you need to find pieces that suit your home and attract attention. If you already have a particular fashion in mind, you can use that as a starting point. Do some research and see what you can find online. You never know, you might stumble on a new trend that you had not considered until now.

Ask for bespoke extras

Sometimes, furniture is not just aesthetically pleasing; it is also functional. If you want something special for your living room, you should get a piece like the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair. Having the luxury of a massage chair in your home will mean that you can relax and enjoy your living room whenever you please. If you get some unique, yet functional pieces for your living space, it will set your home apart from the crowds.

Combine comfort and style

If you create a room full of ultra stylish furniture that is uncomfortable, you will regret it. You need a place that is cozy so that you can settle down there in your free time. You should look for designers that incorporate both comfort and style into their pieces. Many new artists pride themselves on using both of these things in their designs, and so you should be able to find one that does so. Remember, you always need to view a piece before you buy it, or you will find that you don’t know what you will get.

Mix a host of designs

There is one major trap many people fall into when it comes to furnishing a room. You must not think that you need to match all the designs to one another. Attempting to create a theme for the room will only make it appear to be sterile and dull. Rather than choosing pieces from the same designer or trend, you can afford to mix and match pieces. You might want a Gothic table and some contemporary chairs. You have to be creative when it comes to your interior, and so you need to dare to be different.

Follow trends online

The more you learn about furniture design, the better chance you have of creating a beautiful, stylish home. You must ensure that you keep abreast of any new developments in the area. There are always new designs available online, and so you need to pay attention to what is trendy. If you do so, you will create the ideal look for your house.

Keeping Your Home Safe And Sound

You have just made your house a gold mine for burglars, and this is an issue, particularly if you are thinking about going away sometime soon. You will have put a lot of money into the design process so we imagine you will want to protect your investment. You can do this by adding some extra security measures to your home. Some of these may seem drastic but remember, you are protecting the home of your children and all your personal possessions.

Install A Hi-Tech Alarm System

It is a common fact that many people do not switch their home alarm systems on when they leave the house. They think because their house is in a good neighbourhood it is protected. You would be amazed how many people in an upper-class neighbourhood leave their doors unlocked, even when they are not in the house. But, this is a big mistake on their part because they are just asking for a break in. You should always have your alarm system on when you leave your home. If you want to go the extra mile, upgrade your security system with multiple alarms in your house. You can even install one that will go off if anyone pulls up on your driveway. This can be a comforting notion when you are halfway around the world on holiday.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are common fodder for jokes in Hollywood films. The rich family puts the motion sensors on around their home, and it sets off every five seconds because of birds and animals. But it is a possibility that is worth considering. Particularly, if you have a lot of different access points to your home. If your house is not in a tightly compact neighbourhood, a burglar might be able to get onto your premises undetected.

Security Shutters

You must have driven through town late at night and seen all the shops with their rollers down to stop thieves breaking in. We wonder if you ever considered why homes do not have this security feature. Well, the super rich do have this feature to protect their valuables and their family from trespassers. Now, Perth Homeguard has made it an affordable option for everyone, offering a service to set it up in your home. You will never again need to worry about a break into your house while you are away in on holiday.


There are several issues with installing CCTV on your home. If you live in certain neighbourhoods, they do not allow exterior changes to the outside of the house. That can refer to cameras particularly if they stick out. Second, in some areas laws prohibit using cameras that record footage of another person’s property. So, you will need to check before you set them up. But, if they are allowed in your area a CCTV system is well worth considering. It can make your house look secure and act as a deterrent to stop criminals even considering a break-in.

Take our advice and use some of these ideas to protect your family. Better safe than sorry is a criminally underrated term.

Advice For Creating The Perfect Teenage Boy’s Bedroom

The modern teenage boy uses his bedroom for sleep, schoolwork, and leisure. Finding a way to embrace all of these aspects in a limited space can be hard. But it’s possible. One of the first jobs is to open the room up. The difference that the use of bright colours can make to the aesthetic appeal is amazing. Be sure to opt for this light shades to open the space out.

Even if you have opened out the space, fitting everything in one room is a challenge. Use custom closets to help encourage your son to stay organised. He’ll have a lot of stuff in his room, so these space saving options are a must. The fact they give the room added character is a bonus too.

Making the most of the available space is vital. It’s important that you make smart decisions with regards to electronics. Most school children need a computer to complete their work. Choosing a laptop instead of a desktop will save valuable space as it means his workstation desk can be made a lot smaller. Additionally, the portable nature of the laptop is a major plus point.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, though. Most teenage boys will use their room to watch TV and play computer games. Mounting the TV on a wall is a great idea and will help the room gain a modern feeling too.

As with any bedroom, his bed should remain the focus. Choosing the right one for your teenage boy can be a challenge and is a task best completed together. However, just because it’s comfortable, you shouldn’t let him stay in bed until 2 PM!

You do want the bedroom to look modern, but it still needs to represent your son’s personality. Celebrating his favourite sports team or music band is a great way to bring some added character to the room. It’s still his personal space, so allowing him to enjoy it is a must. Even if you are frightened of him letting It become a tip!

You need to find a way of making your teen boy take pride in his room. Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to laziness. Give them a reason to take care of the room. Allow them to have friends over to play games and that should encourage him to be tidy. If all else fails, you can always bribe him with chores for pocket money.

Decorating the teenage boy’s bedroom is an assignment that is needed at some stage. After all, they can’t keep the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wallpaper and curtains forever. Be willing to listen to his wishes, but make sure the design is still fit for purpose.

A little bit of compromise might be required. Nonetheless, you should find a way of keeping both parties happy.

Design Your Bedroom With Sleep In Mind

Of course, the design of the room is just one of the considerations when it comes to creating a perfect sleep haven. Many people have obstacles to a good night of sleep. There may not be enough hours in the day, or you need to work shift patterns. For some people, pain is a big problem. It’s difficult to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. In the night, the pain may even wake you.

The right bed is certainly a big consideration for both aesthetic reasons and comfort. It is thought that you can get rid of lower back pain by buying the right mattress for you. That’s why it might be best to start designing your new bedroom around the bed you choose. Some beds require extra space, especially if they provide storage.

To facilitate a good night of sleep it’s best not to watch TV in bed, but most of us love catching up with a show or two when we drop off. Now you have picked and positioned your bed you can identify where the TV points need to be. Once they are installed, you may be ready to position the rest of your furniture.

If you are changing the decor to help you relax and sleep in your bedroom, then you may might be looking for a calming color palette. This season, olives and yellows are proving very popular. Blues and lavenders are also thought to help relax the mood of a room. If your room is only to be used for sleep, why not keep the walls fresh and white? You can then use wall art or an accent wall to add depth, pattern or color.

Many of us are barefoot in the bedroom, so a rug could be a great accessory to add. Instead of geometric patterns and vibrant colors, why not look for gentle swirls in limited shades of a single color? The texture is important. Not only does it feel good under our feet, but it adds design interest to your room. A simple bed runner or table runner for your dresser could pick out that color as a feature.

Window dressings are very important in a bedroom. Not only do they need to look good and match the palette of the room, but they need to control the light too. Blackout blinds are very hand for those who work shift patterns. Venetian blinds can control how much direct sun enters the room during the day too. Lavish, luxury, lined curtains will keep the draughts out and the warmth in during the winter.

Designing a room is a great interior design project to take on. When you have to factor in the functionality of the room and the lifestyle of the occupant, it can be even more challenging. Sleep well in your new room.

5 Luxury Home Items You Need In Your Life

Here at Interior Design Lovers, we’re fascinated by unique decor and luxury accessories. We love nothing more than beautiful items that transform a lifeless room into something wonderful. We’ve followed design trends for years and tried many different accessories in our homes.

Trends come and go, but there are a few items that have a timeless quality. The following luxury items will help transform any standard room into a luxury hideaway. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our favourites.

1. Love seat

There is nothing better than curling up in a giant love seat with a book. We have always adored oversized furniture. It makes a big statement in your home, and creates a focal point. It always gets people talking and draws their eye. Most importantly, it gives you a space to wind down and get comfy! The designer models aren’t cheap, but they’re so worth the investment. Match it with a chunky sofa or chaise longue, and you’ll create a stunning living room suite.

2. Ornate mirrors

Every interior designer knows the power of a good mirror. It will open up the space in the smallest of rooms and hallways. It allows natural light to bounce around the room and create a beautiful atmosphere. They also look sophisticated and refined when chosen correctly. Gold leaf mirrors are the best choice here, and you’ll find plenty on the market.

3. Floor-to-ceiling bookcase

Books always add a touch of luxury to the home. They have a timeless quality and an inherent history. If you’ve got a huge collection, invest in a floor-to-ceiling bookcase. Dark wood like mahogany is the best choice here. They look stunning in a living room or the study. If you’re lacking books to fill it, try visiting your local charity book shop and stock up on the classics. If you’ve got the space, why not add a sliding ladder too?

4. Chandelier

There’s a fine line between classy and tacky when it comes to chandeliers. Make sure you tread the line carefully! Get it right, and a chandelier will complete the elegant and refined look you’re going for. Again, it’s worth paying for the best. Try to find a style and design that complements your property.

5. Soft furnishings

We always rely on soft furnishings to add character and style to our home. There’s nothing more luxurious than thick, chunky quilt cover sets. You’ll sink into them after a long day at work and drift away. We also like to use elegant cushions and blankets to decorate the sofa and the bed. Don’t forget about rugs and curtains either. Use any chance to add refined texture to your home. For the best style, choose only the most luxurious materials.

These are simple additions you can make to your home. It instantly transforms your home and creates a luxury world around you. Where would you start?

Kid-Friendly Smart Home


Increased Functionality

Making your place a better organized one for the benefit of the kids doesn’t necessarily have to be performed through high-tech devices. Thanks to the advancements in architecture, today houses and apartment buildings are built on the basis of practicality and energy efficiency. So, today you might need two rooms for your kids, but when they go to college or simply move out, you will have empty space that will only cost you more money. However, by utilizing modular design ideas, you can adapt your home in accordance with your needs.

Balanced Heating and Cooling

One of the burning issues in every household is the problem of temperatures in children’s rooms. Here is where technology can help you. As you might know, nowadays you can use smart thermostats. They are connected to your WiFi router and you can control them from your smartphone or tablet; the key feature is the app via which you can turn it on or off, as well as set the program you prefer (if the thermostat is programmable). This device leads to lower electricity bills and higher comfort for your kids. Every room can have its own item. Although the initial investment might be expensive, you will return the money due to the energy waste reduction.

Floor Senses

Scientists are constantly working on new improvements that will make our homes even smarter and harder to break in. German scientists have developed asmart floor, sensitive to touch, which will be able to sense if somebody has broken into your house or that someone has fallen on the floor, which can be crucial if you have kids. Either way it will call the emergency service to make sure that the home remains safe. If you opt for anything similar for your floor, don’t forget to add a more traditional touch to it and order rugs online to get a lower price and decorate your smart floor.

Dark-Free Home

Parents often get worried when their little heirs wake up in the night and want to go to the bathroom. They are often afraid of the dark and they can even hurt themselves if they hit anything on their way to the light switch. To protect your kids you can install the lights that activate to motion and then switch off again when nobody passes by them for a certain period of time. That way your kids don’t touch the light switch, which also increases their safety.

Home automation based on new technologies could be helpful in many situations. However, no parent should ever rely only on those features, since nobody and nothing can replace the real care that only parents can provide for their children.

DIY Decorations For A Modest Budget


We’ve put together this list to get you started. They are some simple concepts that are so easy to put together, but will also set you up with the skills you will need for more advanced creations. So, head out to your local craft store and get ready to transform your home in a budget friendly way.

Build a cork noticeboard

All you need to build an amazing cork noticeboard is a huge pile of corks, a thin piece of plywood, a glue gun and some hot melt glue sticks. You might want to pick up some suitable driftwood from the beach, too, just to give it a fantastic finish. All you need to do is heat up the glue and use it to stick the corks to the plywood. Once it has dried, frame it with your driftwood and that’s it: you have yourself a jazzy new noticeboard. It looks great – and it keeps you more organised. What’s not to love?

Design your own lampshades

If your lampshades are looking a little tired, why not make your own to replace them? You’ll need a lampshade kit – you can get them easily from a craft store – and some fabric or old wallpaper. You can either use the wallpaper design as is, or print your own onto the fabric with a cut-out piece of lino. It could cost you a maximum of five or ten bucks to come up with an entirely unique lampshade that no-one else will have, and could save you a small fortune from buying new.

Easy photo frames

Photos are a permanent fixture in most households, but why not treat your favourite snaps to a makeover? You can make photo frames from virtually anything – old coat hangers, unused ceramic tiles, and even twigs you have collected from a forest walk. Use some scissors, a few pieces of old rope or string, and a dash of glue here and there to hold everything in place. You could even paint the finished article to contrast or compliment the key colours in your favourite photograph. Creating your own photo frames is a great way of getting into DIY crafting and also helps you find a use for all the spare bits of junk you have lying around the home.

Easy storage boxes

It’s hard to believe the price of some of the boxes that you can buy in the shops. After all, it’s just some cardboard with a funky design on it. Making our own is so easy, that there really is no need to spend money on buying new. Just take a suitable and sturdy box – new shoe boxes are ideal – and cover the with whatever you want. You could even go the extra mile and give them handles – which are available for peanuts and will add that extra layer of luxury.

We hope this has helped inspire you to get started with DIY crafts, and don’t forget to let us know what you come up with.

7 Tips to Consider When Replacing Windows


1. Appearance

As with anything, the appearance of the item is very important.  You must like how the windows look and ensure that the windows fit in with your existing home décor.  Does it appear to be made with quality materials that are also attractive?  The style of your windows and the type of hardware must be attractive to you and complement your home.

2. Operation

The windows should operate with ease, especially if they are new and on display.  If they do not work easily for you, find a window that is easy to operate instead.  The window locks should be easy to engage, especially if you are in your forever home and will be using these windows for years as you increase in age and strength.

3. Service

What type of service does the company offer? Are there parts and replacement glass units available easily?  It is nice to purchase from a stable company that has great customer service and an easy way of obtaining parts.  Do a search for reputable window sales and installation, like St. Louis replacement windows, to find dealers in your area that you can compare prices and products with.

4. Warranties

What type of warranty is provided with the installation?  The most important part is the seal between double-pane glass; so check on this part first.  You also want a 20-year or more warranty on the glass.

5. Cleaning

Take a look at the windows and determine the ease of access to both the inside and outside of the windows.  This will be what you must do to clean the windows in the future, so you want the access to be easy.

6. Glass type

There are several grades of window glass available.  Energy-efficient double-pane glass is the norm at this point and what you want for your home.  There are also two types of glass for cold climates and for warm climates, so pick the glass that works in your area. 

7. Extras

Sometimes the extras are just aesthetic and sometimes they are well-worth the money.  One option is to invest in the low-E coating, which decreases infrared and ultraviolet rays from entering your home and destroying furnishings and adding heat.  The argon gas between the panes is an upgrade option that is known to make the windows more energy-efficient.  You should also go with the sturdy vinyl inserts on the windows to ensure the seal is sturdy.

Regardless of the windows you choose in your newest home improvement endeavor, ensure that they are the windows you want and that you need.  If you live in a cold area, you should purchase windows that fit with that environment.   If you are in a very sunny climate, you will want energy-efficient windows that use the low-E coating to help decrease the harmful UV and IR rays from entering your home and damage the interior and also producing unnecessary heat that you will have to pay the electric company high amounts to cool.  Use these tips to find the perfect windows for your home.

Essential Design Elements For The Bedroom

The bedroom needs to actively promote good quality sleep, all year round, and right through the night. There are some key things to consider to get your bedroom design right.

With a single aspect window, it is easy to work out which season will be most challenging. With a double aspect, you may have trouble with light, heat, noise or cold all year round. If the sun streams in during the summer, it is important to install blackout blinds or other means to prevent the heat building up. You may want to think about air conditioning as well. For a north facing room, the problem may be with cold in the winter, so thermal backed curtains may be very helpful here.

Cold rooms also benefit from carpeting, but a lush rug may be just as effective. As we tend to be barefoot in the bedroom, the choice of flooring is important to avoid injury or discomfort. In an apartment building, you may want carpets installed to reduce the noise between properties. If you don’t need carpet, dark stained wooden floors are very stylish in the bedroom and work with most decor choices.

Ornate beds with four posts are trending again this season, and it’s no wonder! Wooden bases look beautiful in the bedroom. They can be a little oversized for today’s mattresses. There are websites that can tell you all you need to know about the mattress wedge that should be used to eliminate the gap. This makes the bed more comfortable to use and helps reduce the risk of waking in the night.

The choice color in the bedroom is important to promote relaxation if you have trouble drifting off to sleep. Avoid vibrant colors and accent walls, especially in smaller rooms. Instead, subtle tones in a related palette can help calm the mind and help you to feel restful. Pick stronger shades in cushions and bed sets, but avoid the brightest ones. Lighting should also be subtle in warm whites.

Many people love to watch TV in bed, but this can hinder your ability to fall asleep. If you do install a television in the bedroom, consider your viewing angle. If you are sitting up, you want the TV at about head height. If you lay down, it can be close to the ceiling.

Mirrors in the bedroom are also important and should be placed where the natural light aids the reflection. However, for a good night of sleep, it’s best to keep mirrors out of view. They can reflect lights from the street and distract you in the night. A good dressing table with standing mirror is the best idea in a bedroom. Leave large mirrors for the walk-in closet and bathroom if sleep has been a problem in the past.

The bedroom should be kept cool and quiet to aid good sleep. Sometimes moving the furniture is all it takes to get a good night of sleep. Colors, light and the choice of bed can also have a remarkable effect on the quality of your sleep, so consider these in your design. Sleep well.

How to Find the Right Plan for Your Home


Consider Your Needs

Practical needs to take priority above all else when you’re coming up with the right plan for your new home. Think about how you’re going to use the home and what it will mean for you and your family. There’s no use coming with a plan that looks great but doesn’t fit your day to day needs and wants.

This is a mistake that far too many people make. Yes, it can look great, but what’s the point in that if it’s not practical? The best homes are the ones that are styled and tailored specifically to the needs of the homeowner. These also tend to be the homes that look the best and keep people happy with them for longer too.

Think About Style

Yes, your practical needs are more important, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about style too. If you want a contemporary design that looks to the future, you might want to make the plan of your home quite open plan so that the space feels bigger and the plan much freer.

This certainly isn’t the only option open to you though. You can go for whatever style is right for you, and there are so many options and ideas out there for you to choose from. If you want a more traditional home plan, that can work just as well depending on the type of home you’re looking to build.

Don’t Forget Energy Usage

How you’re going to generate energy and heat your home is one of the major concerns that you should be thinking about when you design your home. This isn’t all about renewable energy sources though. The way your home is planned out and designed also plays a part in this.

For example, you might want to think about choosing a design that best keeps heat inside the home and doesn’t let it out. A more open plan usually means using less energy to heat your home. This is because it costs less to heat one big space than lots of little spaces, it’s as simple as that.

Talk to the Pros

It can be pretty difficult to come up with the best possible plan for your home if you don’t have the help of someone who knows what they’re talking about. This is why you should talk to a professional and see what their take on your home and the plan you should use is. There are plenty of companies out there to help you.

You could go to The House Plan Shop and see what services they offer. They specialise in house plans for people who are setting out on the path to building their own home. This will take a lot of the pressure off your shoulders, and you’ll be able to focus on other things you need to do.

If you take all these considerations into account, your home’s plan should give you exactly what you need.