Spacious teen room designs capturing charming views

Designed in open spaces with huge glass doors that help to capture the outside charming landscapes, these glamorous rooms offer teenagers a fascinating personal space for study as well as entertainment and relaxation. Zalf, the prestigious Italian furniture company, cleverly combined their trendy and colourful furniture with the elegant background and roomy space of the rooms so as to create ideal places for teens to enjoy their private.

Fantastic teen room designs for a modern life style

Spacious, contemporary, stylish and convenient, these fantastic teen room designs are perfect choices for the ones who have a modern life style. Being aware of the great importance of colors and layout in designing personal space for teenagers, the Italianfurniturecompany Clever has been successful in mixing elegant background with colourful furniture and decoration in order to create imposing teen room designs.

Fascinating teen room design ideas

There are a lot of ways to design a private room for a teenager. Some teenagers may like the simplicity and convenience, while some others are interested in modernity and uniqueness. This collection is a combination of many different styles and ideas in designing a teen room. Let come to see and choose the one you love!

The above 3 images are courtesy of Mazzaliarmadiby Karen Breenby Burak Birerby Claire MagowanPhoto by BrightStar KidsSheena‘s Roomby Elizaby MariaPhoto by Taylor Henson

Stylish teen room designs from Tumidei

Designed by Tumidei, which isone of the top furniture manufacturers in Italy, these teen room designs own a stylish, contemporary and original beauty. Why don’t you walk into these fantastic places and take an exciting relaxation? Interiordesignlovers hope that this collection will bring fresh inspiration for our beloved architects and designers. 

Colourful teen room designs by Carlos Tiscar

Envisioned by talented designer Carlos Tiscar, these teen room designs attracted our attention because of their elegant minimalism and fantastic use of colours. By cleverly combining white as the background with colourful furniture, Carlos Tiscar created a stylish, modern and gorgeous space for teenagers. The furniture used in these teen room designs comes from the well known Spanish furniture company BM.  With the design philosophy that is ‘practical, simple, useful, happy and different’, BM was successful in designing fashionable, functional and glamorous furniture below.

A stunning mix of kid room & teenager room designs from Dearkids

In spite of their difference in age, kids and teenagers share many commons in styles, ideas and interests. Our below collection is a stunning mix of kid room and teenager room designs from Dearkids, an Italian children’s bedroom furniture manufacturer. This collection is their inspiring works of contemporary teen room and kid room designs.

Fashionable teen room designs by Hulsta

A private room of a teenager is a place where he/she can show all his/her creativity and interests without deterrence of others. Interiordesignlovers ensure that “Fashionable teen room designs by Hulsta” will bring teenagers many differences which are unique, zippy, cool, and creative. These room design ideas for youngsters will create much needed fun for the room.