AOL’s modern offices in California

These modern offices are owned by AOL, which is the world’s biggest company in the field of tech blog, gadget blog and political blog. Situated in Palo Alto, California, these AOL’s offices attracts a great attention of not only locals and employees but also the community of architects and designers thanks to its contemporary, convenient and glamorous design. Designed by Studio O+A, AOL’s new look is a conglomeration of the 1980’s corporate world vibe, raw concepts and materials which bring a glorious touch to the offices. 

Extraordinary Google’s offices in Russia

Located in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia, these extraordinary Google’s offices are known as fascinating works of Swiss firm, Camenzind Evolution. The offices of Google are often considered as the place of creativity, innovation and distinction. This also is vividly depicted in their office design.  Similar to AOL’s offices and Pixar’s offices, Google’s offices embraces comfortable meeting dens encouraging employee good interaction and relaxing rooms offering healthy breaks and recreation time.

Appealing LEGO office in Denmark designed by Rosan Bosch

This appealing office design is owned by LEGO office placed in Billund, Denmark. Designed by Rosan Bosch, LEGO office is famous for its fresh, creative and fantastic interior design. Rosan Bosch created a fascinating space which is full of color and sings in a sunny environment. The layout of the office inspires employees to share and expand their extraordinary ideas via exciting informal meetings. The center of LEGO office remains an spacious area littered with meeting points, from laptop bar pit stops and bespoke self screening sofas, to bonsai tree bedeckedtablesand private pods.


The glamorous office of Google in Dublin

The office design is known as the extraordinary work of Camenzind Evolution. It is surprising that the human resources of the Montevetro are very diverse. The employees come from more than 38 countries and speak 46 different languages. The smart multifunctional office design offers employees their own gym, bean bags, swimming pool, shuffle boards, pool tables, etc. In order to further encourage creativity and improve work efficiency among their employees, Google provides free food in the in-house cafeteria and beer in the Irish pub, Segways for quick transport and many other perquisites. Now, it is the time to see their glamorous office design.

HSB’s splendid colorful office in Stockholm

This splendid colorful office located in Stockholm is the office of HSB, which stands for the Swedish translation of “the Savings and Construction Association of the Tenants”, a housing association of tenants and homeowners. The office of HSB currently underwent an amazing renovation. The new office which was designed by pS Arkitektur is not only modern, colorful and convenient, but also has transformed the space into an open working environment with an ample space for both individual performances and group meetings.

Image Courtesy: PS Arkitektur, Archilenta, Jason Strong

An amazing office in Japan

The spacious and comfortable workspace surrounded by many curves is a new interesting idea for office design. The walls of the entryway are designed with 3,000 small blanks so that any visitors can easily make their own picture in the Pixiv office and enjoy the fun of drawing.

Designed by teamLab Architect, Inc.
Photography by TADA(YUKAI)