Original boardroom design for office meetings

Developed and completed by the Kolenik Eco Chic team in cooperation with the international lighting manufacturer Maretti, this board room impressed us with its unique and original design that featured both modern and classical style with exquisite elements. Aiming at creating an appealing and inspiring space for office meetings, Robert Kolenik creatively integrated sumptuous and unique natural materials to form a functional and glamorous boardroom. Concretely, the lush living green wall brings a cozy ambiance for any visitors of the room. Also, the exciting aquarium under the kitchen top offers guests a free trip to explore an interesting part of the mysterious ocean.

The exciting Matatena office designed by Desnivel Architects

Creatively designed by Desnivel Architects, the Matatena Headquarters is known as an exciting office in Merida, the glorious capital city of the state of Yucatan, Mexico. Aiming at creating a comfortable working environment that was not “office-like”, Desnivel Architects cleverly mixed wood and concrete in combination with white plastered walls.  Moreover, a green chaka tree was also employed to bring a environmentally-friendly touch into the office. Structured in a total surface of 206 square meters, the Matatena office was comprised of four working zones, a service area, a reception, a modern boardroom, a kitchen and two convenient bathrooms.

[Photography: Ricardo López]

Google’s extraordinary office design in Israel

Spreading over 85,000 square feet in the luxurious Electra Tower in Tel Aviv – the second most populous city of Israel, this extraordinary office of Google amazes many visitors due to its glamorous, functional and unique design. Envisioned by Camenzind Evolution, the Google’s office embraces 8 stories constructed with airy and open spaces combined with convenient interior which offer its employees stunning landscapes of the city as well as the most comfortable workspaces for innovating and exchanging their amazing ideas. As a nod to the local culture, each floor of the office was artistically formed to present a different feature of the diversity of Israel. Googlers from local areas were chosen to select themes for each floor and take part in the design process. 

Visiting an eccentric office design in Timisoara

Located in the beautiful Timisoara, the capital city of Timiș County in western Romania, this eccentric office design is known as a fascinating work developed bythe cooperation between Ezzo Design and Game Studio 2o. Explaining their original idea for envisioning this glamorous office design, Ștefan Lazărof Ezzo Design said that “As soon as a client asks us for an innovative project, with beautiful use of materials, unique approach, no classic lines, incorporation of nature in design, we are intrigued. Thus, our result is a scientific basis, or more likely a spaceship invaded by nature, the main character being a Huge Dark Fungus. The same idea is highlighted with the natural plants bursting out of pipes and the shattered ceilings.

The clever use of sunlight and natural resources combined with the selection of nature inspired features and natural plants that require minimal maintenance or watering created a fresh and environmentally-friendly office design.

[Information provided via e-mail by Ezzo Design; Photography: Andi Popescu]

Royal Dental – A sumptuous dental office in Romania

Designed as a dental clinic by the talented couple Stefan Lazar & Adrian Hanas, this sumptuous office named Royal Dental, which is placed in Pipera, Bucharest, Romania, attracts more and more customers thanks to its luxurious, modern and stylish interior design. Description from the project developers:“Royal Dental Clinic was an ambitious project in all respects. Finding a concept to translate the idea of excellence into dental imaging was a challenge that we accepted, proposing a simple but effective solution. Combining the latest technology with experience and professionalism, we reinvented the classic style, a characteristic of boutique-like premises, thus creating a friendly ambiance. The simple chromatic design emphasizes on the elegant Baroque decoration in the reception of clients area and to an overall feeling of order n areas of management and treatment.”

[Photos: Andi Popescu, Presentation film: Catalin Balasa, Concept: Razvan Savu]

Rackspace’s fascinating office design by Morgan Lovell

Dullness, stress and bore are what people often find in their office spaces. However, with its interesting and comfortable design, the Rackspace’s office can totally satisfy their most demanding clients and employees. In order to bring a cosy atmosphere to everyone when visiting the office, Morgan Lovell architects created a fascinating working space which was structured as a real family home. Each floor of the Rackspace’s office was designed with a different theme thatfeatures a particular area insidethe home. From the ground floor that characterizes a garage, right up to the top floor that is an artificial garden lit by anenormous ceiling window. 

Grow Marketing’s royal style office design in San Francisco

Placed in Jackson Square of the prosperous San Francisco – the cultural center and a leading financial hub of the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California, this palatial office design is owned by Grow Marketing, which is known as an engagement marketing firm that creates compelling experiences and emotional brand connections with consumers. Designed with the royal style by Josef Medellin from Josef M Design, Grow Marketing’s office offers both customers and employees a luxurious, elegant and glamorous space for working and exchanging ideas.  

Photographs by Jonah Podbereski

Bahnhof’s extraordinary office in Stockholm

Bahnhof is known as one of the top Swedish Internet providers. Their services are highly appreciated, however, their office is even more remarkable. Located in the beautiful Stockholm, Sweden, this Bahnhof’s office attracted a great attention of not only locals, visitors but also the community of architects and designers all over the world because of its extraordinary and unique design. Designed by Albert France-Lanord (A)rchitects, the office was built into an amazing space withoriginal walls made from the natural granite of the Vita Berg Park. With their artistic design, the architects brought an ominous, contemporary, and naturalistic touch to the Bahnhof’s office.

Artis Capital Management’s sumptuous office in San Francisco

Being designed like a luxurious hotel, Artis Capital Management, which is located in San Francisco, attracts a great attention thanks to its contemporary, comfortable and sumptuous office design. Rottet Studio architects who were involved with the design shared with us:

“The design team aimed to create a relaxing work space tailored to the company’s unique culture, the San Francisco environment and an environment that was more home than office to the 14-person trading team. The office was conceived as a white box. As the white planes peel away, the materials, textures and colors behind are revealed resulting in a visually quiet space which counteracts the constant visual stimulation of multiple computer screens. No walls touch the perimeter and service areas are located around the core, allowing clear views throughout the space of the entire city. Custom carpet emulates water lapping on the shore. A dark gray cleft stone surrounds the entire floor between columns to reinforce the notion of rippling tides at the water’s edge. Along the Bay side, incisions are cut into the white box in the ceiling in a pattern that emulates barges in the Bay. These incisions are carved away to reveal a warm wood material beyond and provide ambient light. The city side is more rigid and orthogonal mimicking the city’s grid pattern. The six small offices double as miniartgalleries. A giant door conceals the work area and, when closed, the room is void of visual elements allowing the impressive art collection to be the feature. The lounge-style chairs with matching ottomans allow employees to retreat into their home and relax.”

Skype’s colorful office in Stockholm designed by pS Arkitektur

Placed in Stockhom, this Skype’s colorful office was designed by pS Arkitektur, which offers inspiring interior and architectural design, planning, and lighting services. Coming to a well known tech company like Skype, visitors often expect fresh, creative and unique interior designs. With this fascinating setup in Stockholm, Skype satisfies both their customers and employees. Thanks to its colorful designs, fantastic murals which beautify stark white walls and comfortable furniture, the office offers their employees a marvelous space for creating.