Top 25 gorgeous Italian kitchen designs from SCIC

Known as inspiring works of SCIC, these gorgeous Italian kitchens showcase stylish, contemporary and smart designs with inviting seating areas, functional furniture and cozy atmosphere for you to enjoy delicious meal with the whole family. Each of the 25 kitchens that we featured here was designed with an original style that is different from the others. While this oneuses cool beige tones and recessed lighting to offer a peaceful space for owners, another cheers things up with open yellow cabinets for a youthful vibe. Also, the other kitchen may bring you a traditional sense with its reddish orange accents and unique sunken dining table. Now, come and see how they are different!


Ola kitchen: fascinating kitchen designs from Snaidero

The collection of kitchen designs that we introduce you here is fascinating works from Ola kitchen by Snaidero. Developing for over 20 years, Ola kitchen is more and more successful and famous in the field of kitchen designs. In production since 1990, the award-winning kitchen marked the beginning of the collaboration between Snaidero and the Pininfarina Group. With their contemporary, clever and functional designs, these Ola kitchens attract a great attention from not only architects and designers but also a lot of laymen. 

Imposing kitchen design ideas from Alno

Created by German kitchen brand Alno, these kitchen designs impress us right as the first time we see them because of their uniqueness, originality and contemporary. In 2010, Alnofirst identified the Marecucina concept while envisioning a boat-like form for the kitchen counter. It is these fascinating kitchen design ideas that brought Alno several prestigious international awards. 

Colorful kitchen design – Bring colors into your kitchen

The gorgeous kitchen we feature here was especially designed for the Brera Design District Fuorisalone 2012 by the kitchen company GD Cucine in copperation with the tile company Cotto Veneto. The two well known Italian brands collaborated in forming an imposing combination of industrial capabilities, original design and handicraft traditions. The award-winning Argento kitchen, which is a fascinating work of Roberto Pezzetta for GD Cucine, was dressed in the micro mosaic “Fosfeni”, from Cotto Veneto’s Gold Collection.

Classical kitchen designs from Mirza Horatiu Bogdan – part 2

Continue with our previous kitchen design collection, Interiordesignlovers is pleasure to add 7 other designs to the compilation named “Classical kitchen designs from Mirza Horatiu Bogdan”.  Known as inspiring works of Mirza Horatiu Bogdan from, these fascinating kitchens have strongly impressed many visitors because of their classical, sophisticated and appealing designs.

1. White Farmhouse Summer Kitchen

2.  Traditional Romanian Kitchen

3. Lidia’s  summer Kitchen

4. Exciting White Summer Kitchen

5. Anamaria’s Summer kitchen

6. Hunter-Style Kitchen

7. John’s summer kitchen

Classical kitchen designs from Mirza Horatiu Bogdan – part 1

Today, Interiordesignlovers would like to offer readers a wonderful trip to visit classical kitchen designs from Mirza Horatiu Bogdan which has caught a great attention of the community of architects and designers recently. Envisioned by Mirza Horatiu Bogdan from, these glamorous kitchens emerge as classic cooking paradises which beautify the peaceful countryside thanks to their splendid, traditional and interesting designs. Now, let take an adventure to explore how amazing they are!

1. Carolina’s Rural Kitchen

2. Cristi’s summer kitchen

3. Pasca’s Summer Kitchen

4. Transylvania Castle Outdoor Kitchen

5. Yellow Melon 360°

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Top 18 lovely kitchens designed by Marbodal

These 18 lovely kitchens are inspiring works of the Sweden-based designer named Marbodal. Marbodal creates kitchens with captivating style and high function design. Each of these 18 lovely kitchens is designed as much for socialization as for meal preparation. The features comprise top of the line devices, charming cabinetry detailing and abundant storage. Interiordesignlovers hope that this collection will bring interesting ideas for every girl to design their beloved kitchen. 

Renew your home with kitchen island designs

As the chief of modern kitchens, the island revs up the room’s factor with a large space for preparing and processing as a cooking station. These islands play a fundamental role in gathering place. It is wonderful when family members have chance to cook, chat and enjoy the meal in the kitchen together. Interiordesignlovers ensure that these kitchen island designs offer the perfect place to do all those things.

Visualizer: Triple DVisualizer: Triple DVisualizer: Triple DDesigner: HanssemSource: Dada WebSource: Dada WebVisualizer: MarcolamaSource: DavonportSource: Four Seasons DesignVisualizer: MarcolamaSource: Barnes of AshburtonSource: DavonportSource: Dada WebSource: PediniSource: E Studio SatSource: AlonoSource: PediniSource: PediniSource: ChalonSource: Veneta CucineSource: JH Interior DesignSource: Davonport


An unique style of kitchen designs

The amazing Artica kitchens by Estudiosat are designed as an answer to the challenge set by manufacturer Delta Cocinas. Estudiosat creates unique kitchens that stepped outside the box from the style of kitchens which is recently available on the marketplace. Looking at the origami-esque geometric folds of these cabinet fronts, you can see that the old constricting design ‘box’ has been stamped upon, to generate a fresh and edgy concept.

Modern kitchen designs created by Elmar Cucine

Interiordesignlovers has strong impression of these modern kitchens designed by the talented Italian kitchen designers Elmar Cucine. Thesestyles are elegant with bold lines and sharp edges whichbringsa masculine touch to the kitchen. Elmar Cucine designs emphasis on simplicity which is no accident and is significantly expressed in their philosophy.