Appealing kid room designs for your sons

Today, Interiordesignlovers would like to share you a collection of appealing kid designs which will immediately interest your sons! Inspired from ocean and mysterious adventures, universe, sport, and other creative ideas, these kid room designs are especially envisioned for the world of little boys. Take a rest and enjoy interesting moments with the fantastic designs below!

Photographs by Pottery Barn and Pure Deco

Fascinating boy room designs

Spiderman, cars, sport and quaint toys – that are things little boys always think and talk about, even in dreams. Thus, for a boy, it is really wonderful to own a private room which is full of those interesting themes. The fascinating boy room designs below will bring fresh inspiration for parents to make your kid’s world become a fascinating place to live!

Photographs by Pottery Barn and Pure Deco

Fanciful kid room designs for boys

When I was a child, I always wondered about stars, aliens, knights and windmills, and a series of other mysterious stories. It would have been more wonderful if I had owned a fanciful kid room like these ones where I could “free” my imagination with quaint objects and toys that would enrich my small world.

Via boyzIImenAbove 5 via Rusu RuslanDesigned by Kate DixonAbove 3 via Uglyanitsa Alexander

Cool kid room designs from Clei – part 2

Continue with the previous collection named “Cool kid room designs from Clei – part 1”, Interiordesignlovers is glad to add more the latest and most inspiring works of Clei known as one of the top design companiesin Italy. Unique, interesting, imposing and convenient, these brilliant kid room designs attract a great attention of not only kids and teenagers but also parents and designers. The most notable feature of these Clei’s kid room designs is that they are extremely functional. In these rooms, you can easily transform desk to bed, beds to walls, and one boy’s room into a sleepover heaven. This helps to save a lot of space for the room.

Cool kid room designs from Clei – part 1

The cool kid room designs that we introduce you today was envisioned by gifted designers from Clei, which is one of the most well known design companiesin Italy. Inspired by creative and fresh ideas, Clei created many interesting and functional kid room’s interior designs where kids can easily transform desk to bed, beds to walls, and one boy’s room into a sleepover heaven. Is it cool? Now, our little angels! Let take an adventure to explore this mysterious and fascinating world!

Spacious kid room designs by Corazzin Group

It is really interesting when stepping into the room of your children to see the world of lovely colors, quaint toys, and cool ornaments that many children often long for. Moreover, a spacious room offers a large area for your kid to hang out, relax and entertain in his/her own room. Our collection of these spacious kid room designs is exciting ideas of the Corazzin Group. Interiordesignlovers believe that these tasteful designs will satisfy the requirements of all youngsters.

Colorful room designs for your kids

This collection of colorful kid room designs are extraordinary works we found at LG Hausys. A room made of colorful wallpapers, quaint drawings, lovely toys, and funny ornaments will be the most wonderful gift for your child. Interiordesignlovers hope that our collection may bring fresh ideas for parents to design their kid rooms.

Adorable kid room designs

It is not easy for every parent to design the satisfactory rooms for their kids because how the room is designed depends on many factors such as the kid’s characters, interests, age, gender, etc. It may be alluring to throw some crazy papers on the wall, litter the room with gigantic posters, or decorate the area with quaint furniture and objects in an attempt to make your kid’s room become an interesting place to hang out. Interiordesignlovers hope that this collection of adorable kid room designs will bring parents many extraordinary inspirations. 

Via Rusu RuslanVia Juliana CamborskayaAbove 2 via Casa BellaVia Natalya BelyakovaVia Casa BellaAbove 4 via ShulgaAbove 2 via Alena Bulataya