Top 19 elegant dining room designs

Historically, the dining room is decorated with a rather bulkydining tableand a lot of dining chairs.The most common shape of those chairs is generally rectangular with two armed end chairs and an even number of un-armed side chairs along the long sides. However, dining rooms nowadays are often designed in a much more creative way which is modern, elegant and space-saving with lots of compact furniture. This collection presents top 19 typical types of elegant dining room designs that we are extremely interested.

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Top 10 marvellous dining tables from Cattelan Italia

The below collection called “Top 10 marvelous dining tables from Cattelan Italia” is the one that we are strongly impressed. Straightforward with their sleek cut and incredible finish, these glamorous dining tables attract great attention from the community of the community of architects and interior designers.


Top 30 modern dining rooms designed by Musterring

Top 30 modern dining rooms that we introduce readers here are designed by German-based furniture house Musterring. These artistic designs not only create a comfortable space for family members to enjoy delicious diners together but also bring a glamorous touch to the room.