Graceful bedroom designs from Nguyen Duy Khanh

These graceful bedroom designs are creative ideas of Nguyen Duy Khanh, a Vietnam-based interior designer. Interiordesignlovers find that in the images of Nguyen Duy Khanh’s works, he spares no effort in designing relaxing spaces with ample texture, pattern and light. Interiordesignlovers are sure that anyone could rest easy in graceful bedrooms like these.

Top 20 gorgeous bedroom designs

The bedroom can be utilized as an important room of the house where you can enjoy your interests with no hurry and worry about works such as reading a fashion magazine, a favorite book, and watching a bit television, or listening some music. To introduce you some amazing gorgeous bedroom designs, Interiordesignlovers have put together the collection named “Top 20 gorgeous bedroom designs” in order to inspire you to pour a little love and attention into your relaxing space.Visualizer: Marc Canut

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Another vision in white.

Beautiful bedroom designs

These traditional and romantic themed bedrooms can be dressed up in ornate furniture and frills. You can take a rest from a long day by approaching the plainer canvas of a contemporary sleep space. Enjoy your life with wonderful bedroom design ideas!Via N-StudioVia ArchCG

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By Hary JumayanVia ASM3DESING

10 Charming Bedrooms

Interiordesignlovers believe that these outstanding bedrooms will sastify all your requirements about a dreamy bedroom. Designed to calm, facilitate a busy life, inspire and entertain, these charming bedrooms are really extraordinary.

  • Visualizer: Jakub Cech
  • Visualizer: Supardiyano
  • Architect: ECDM Architects
  • Designer: Starck
  • Designer: Peckham House