Glamorous bathroom designs welcoming nature

Stepping into these glamorous bathrooms, you will come to a world of nature which is an airy space filled with sunlight and natural surroundings. In order to create these fantastic nature inspired bathrooms, talented designers used natural light to set the mood and fauna to make us feel like the bathrooms located in a rainforest. Natural greenery promotes a sense of wellbeing, and there are several ways in which you can get pleasure from your bathing area.

By Indonesian designer Iwan Sastrawiguna

  • Architect: Emara studio Visualizer: Basem Mohsen

By Brazilian visualization team AX2 Studio

  • Architect: LeKS Architects

Visualizer: Madrid’s 24 StudioBy Koj Designs of Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamBy UK TigerX CGI animation studioBy Indonesia’s 2G StudioBy Mexico’s 4th StudioBy CuanticoBy Willman InteriorsBy Kiev, Ukranian freelance architectural visualizer Oleg SuzdalevBy Poland’s be3design

  • Visualizer: Ale Kocsis

  • Visualizer: Blalank Visualization

By of Vilnius, Lithuania

  • Visualizer: Antonina

  • Visualizer: Oleg Trofimov

By 2G Studio Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa Photo by Indonesian photographer Gala IndigaBy Beasley & Henley Interior Design of Florida, U.S.A.