Cool bathroom design by Laufen offering kids exciting moments

Aiming at bringing a friendly environment for children to learn about hygiene, Laufen creatively mixed the quaint rounded shapes with bold colors and influences from the animal and plant kingdoms to complete this fantastic bathroom design. The bathroom is marked by a stylish washstand with a basin shaped into a flower blossom.The range also displays ceramic shelves with little cloud-like shapes and small mirrors which is available in red and green and can be lined up in series to create a comical caterpillar.


Tasteful bathroom design ideas from FAP Ceramiche

Envisioned by the Italian company FAPCeramiche, these tasteful bathroom design ideas attracted a great attention of the community of architects and designers thanks to its splendour, modernity and sophistication. FAP Ceramiche’s bathroom designs are the artistic combinations of glorious bathroom tiled walls and functional fixtures and accessories.With appealing contrasts in gloss and matt finishes, cool mosaic detailing and beautiful patterning, Interiordesignlovers bet that these fantastic bathrooms will impress any visitor right at the first sight. 

Top 12 gorgeous bathroom designs from Delpha

Created by Delpha, these 12 gorgeous bathroom designsare inspired by nature, pop culture, contemporary and elegant interiors. Walking into these bathing areas, you can see that each of them was designed with a stylish theme where the furniture and accessories are carefully arranged. Depha created glamorous bathrooms by using brightly coloured walls combined with stunning interior designs, which brings us a pure heaven for bathing.

Stylish bathroom design ideas

A bathroom is not only a place for personal hygiene but also a private space for relaxation. A bathroom, in fact, partly reflects characters and interests of its owner who retreat himself here every day. These below stylish bathroom designs are extraordinary ideas from many gifted designers and architects all over the world. It is the novelty, elegance, comfort and splendor of these bathing areas that strongly attracted our attention. 

Above 2 Via Lixil MilanoAbove 2 via 3D ArchvisVia 3D ArchvisAbove 2 via Dinesh NambisanVia FavarojrEvermotion CollectionVia Carbon MadeVia WastubaliVia 3D Archvis

Glamorous bathroom designs welcoming nature

Stepping into these glamorous bathrooms, you will come to a world of nature which is an airy space filled with sunlight and natural surroundings. In order to create these fantastic nature inspired bathrooms, talented designers used natural light to set the mood and fauna to make us feel like the bathrooms located in a rainforest. Natural greenery promotes a sense of wellbeing, and there are several ways in which you can get pleasure from your bathing area.

By Indonesian designer Iwan Sastrawiguna

  • Architect: Emara studio Visualizer: Basem Mohsen

By Brazilian visualization team AX2 Studio

  • Architect: LeKS Architects

Visualizer: Madrid’s 24 StudioBy Koj Designs of Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamBy UK TigerX CGI animation studioBy Indonesia’s 2G StudioBy Mexico’s 4th StudioBy CuanticoBy Willman InteriorsBy Kiev, Ukranian freelance architectural visualizer Oleg SuzdalevBy Poland’s be3design

  • Visualizer: Ale Kocsis

  • Visualizer: Blalank Visualization

By of Vilnius, Lithuania

  • Visualizer: Antonina

  • Visualizer: Oleg Trofimov

By 2G Studio Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa Photo by Indonesian photographer Gala IndigaBy Beasley & Henley Interior Design of Florida, U.S.A. 

The perfect modern bathroom designs for your home

Once a perfect modern bathroom design meets all of these above requirements, it will produce an impressive and credible relaxing space for everyone to refresh themselves. This is our collection from professional interior designers who not only endorse different styles in every room of the house, but also create the opportunity for any individuals to explore their private spaces in modern, comfort and luxury.

Source: Duravit

Photo 2-3: Source: Danelon Meroni

Photo 4-6: Source: Glass Idromassagio

Photo 7-10: Source: Bruna Rapisarda

Source: Nendo Okisato

Source: Copaliving

Source: Doshi Leven

Source: Lucid Pevere

The most inspiring bathroom design in 2013

A bathroom is considered as a place where an individual, alone and at rest, feels entirely comfortable, calm and relaxed, no matter how large, modern and luxurious the bathroom is. This collection embraces the ones that strongly attract our attention, which named “The most inspiring bathroom design in 2013”. Why don’t you take some wonderful ideas for your individual resting space?

Photo 1 – 4: Visualizer: Viarde

Photo 5 – 15: Source: Duravit

Photo 16-20: Source: Danelon Meroni

Splendid bathroom designs by Irina Schastlivaya

These splendid bathroom designs are the amazing works of Irina Schastlivaya. Irina Schastlivaya’s bathroom designs look like the extraordinary works of art. By simply using patterns on tiles, the patterns do not seem to be too in-your-face.  In addition, by making the space appear even smaller and cluttered, these splendid bathroom designs bring a new picture for your shower place.

Modern bathroom designs

Let enjoy the feel of standing under that strong stream of droplets just takes some beating. When you pay an extra special piece of attention to your beloved shower room and drive it to be a charming place, the bathroom will be pleased to take away all your strains and frustrations. By this collection of modern bathrooms, Interiordesignlovers want to bring you the world of wonderful waterfall shower heads that drench us in a soothing downpour, open plan settings that are inspired by nature, and just plain amazing bathroom designs.

Luscious bathroom designs

We These talented architects and interior designers designed the smart and sophisticated bathroom scheme, with swathes of granite over the floor, tub and across large feature walls. Interiordesignlovers desire to bring extraordinary ideas for designing your bathroom where you “take a trip” everyday.

Designer: Maria Ivanova

Designer: Design Bureau ARCHWOOD Marina Izmailov

Designer: LINE8

Designer: Faynblat Victoria