Elaine – an eye-catching ball-shaped pendant lamp by Daniel Becker

Named Elaine, this eye-catching ball-shaped pendant lampwas envisioned and developed by Daniel Becker  during his studies at Braunschweig University of Art under the topic “Readymade”. Elaine is made of about 150 single tea-lights with built in miniature light bulbs. Inspired by the original shapes of the earliest satellites, from the first models till the early 1960s, Daniel Becker created this imposing lamp that could be used as an effective highlight element for your beloved home. 

Two years ago, we discussed the idea of a serial production of this lamp with the renowned Dutch lighting manufacturer Quasar who were immediately enthusiastic about it. It turned out quickly that the initial idea had to be extended and optimized to develop a commercial product out of it”, explained the designer.