Buy Green Furniture with Soybean Seating

Many home interior experts suggest that you should consider purchasing a sofa made out of leather mainly because it is durable compared to the alternatives. Apart from that, you will have an easy time cleaning it. Cleaning furniture made out of fabric can be time consuming and expensive, and its lifespan is shorter due to wear and tear. Modern furniture is more comfortable, easily maintained, and shows off your great sense of style.

When customers are looking for the best place to purchase these goods, most of them do not know what to really consider. One of the important things one should consider is the retailers’ reputation. Serious retailers who have been in the business over the long haul know their manufacturers, and which furniture markets and fairs across the continent offer superior products for their customers. If you’re searching for a sofa store in Toronto that’s committed to their customers, consider The Chesterfield Shop, a business that’s been furnishing Toronto homes since the 1940s.

Experienced retailers also provide after-sales services,an important thing to consider when you’re making an investment of this variety. It is one of the ways of ensuring that the furniture you buy reaches its destination in good condition. Retailers like The Chesterfield Shop have been able to outshine the rest because they offer better customer service and better products at a better price.

If you’re environmentally-minded, you may be wondering whether you can make a purchase with a minimal carbon footprint. With the increase in global warming, many people have been looking for better ways of using eco-friendly products to scale down global emission levels and their personal carbon footprint. You can find out more about environmentally friendly products such as soybean seating at Toronto’s Chesterfield Shop. The introduction of soybean-based polyols has been a game changer in the seating industry. Soybean seating decreases furniture production’s reliance on fossil fuels – a small change for the industry with a big global impact. If you want to make a difference with your sofa purchase, definitely ask about soybean-based cushions.

Not all chesterfield retailers are created equally; some excel more than others at meeting the unique demands of their customers. Go with a company that’s been in the business for decades, run by people who love what they do and really care about home interiors. Find all of your sofas, ottomans, loveseats, and recliners under a single roof, stop by a reputable retailer today to update your home’s look and give it a piece of your own unique personality. Toronto is rich with options, but a leather couch is a piece that will stay with you for years. Make sure you find one that’s going to outlast shifting trends.

Why rattan furniture is ideal for your conservatory

This is why you must have a clear idea of how your conservatory must look before you furnish it. When thinking of selecting the appropriate furniture for your conservatory, you can opt for rattan furniture. Its natural simplicity will instantly affect the overall mood and tone of the conservatory. Here are three reasons as to why rattan furniture is the ideal choice for furnishing your conservatory:

Rattan furniture will give an outdoorsy summer feel to your indoor decor

Furniture made of synthetic rattan is more popular than the natural one and has been declared as a must-have by interior and landscape designers. Not only is it UV resistant and durable but rattan furniture is also easier to clean. Moreover, when placed indoors, it will not deteriorate that easily either. What attracts most people towards rattan furniture is its raw simplicity which helps to bring the outdoorsy touch indoors right away! For a minimalistic and fuss-free conservatory, it is better to furnish your conservatory with rattan furniture. If you are looking for a more specific range then you might want to consider the Winchester Range by Maze Living.

A well-decorated garden room that does not have to be expensive

Before buying any rattan furniture, you should have a clear idea about the way you want to use the space in the conservatory. Most people want to make it a room for relaxation and solitude while some want it to be a dining room where the family gets together. When shopping for rattan furniture from the Winchester Range, do remember that most furniture pieces are stand-alone models that will not be reproduced. So hurry up and take the wise decision of purchasing rattan furniture from the Winchester Range.

Besides bamboo and wicker, Rattan can handle various temperatures well

Rattan furniture has the ability to handle various extreme temperatures, which may be different in comparison to the rest of the house. In addition to this, rattan furniture is also better at handling factors like high humidity or the constant heat from the sun. However, if you are sick and tired of buying the same old wicker and bamboo furniture set for your conservatory and want to experiment, then rattan furniture pieces are worth a try. Explore a variety of options in rattan furniture from the Winchester Range.

Choose rattan furniture pieces from our Winchester Range

The rattan furniture pieces from our Winchester Range are a delight to choose! Not only is the range reasonable but each piece also stands out from the rest.

Whether you choose the Maze Rattan Winchester Storage Box for storing your garden accessories or the Maze Rattan Tall Patio Heater, perfect for cold winter nights, the Winchester Range will always deliver top quality. Decorate the interior of your conservatory with this range and experience how your living space brightens up.

Elaine – an eye-catching ball-shaped pendant lamp by Daniel Becker

Named Elaine, this eye-catching ball-shaped pendant lampwas envisioned and developed by Daniel Becker  during his studies at Braunschweig University of Art under the topic “Readymade”. Elaine is made of about 150 single tea-lights with built in miniature light bulbs. Inspired by the original shapes of the earliest satellites, from the first models till the early 1960s, Daniel Becker created this imposing lamp that could be used as an effective highlight element for your beloved home. 

Two years ago, we discussed the idea of a serial production of this lamp with the renowned Dutch lighting manufacturer Quasar who were immediately enthusiastic about it. It turned out quickly that the initial idea had to be extended and optimized to develop a commercial product out of it”, explained the designer.

Lovely minimalist furniture for workspace

Today, Interiordesignlovers are glad to introduce readers our new collection of lovely minimalist furniture which is especially useful for small workspace. The modern furniture you see here are inspiring works of the FrenchfurniturecompanyStudioManzano. Designerscombined these two philosophies in a stylish manner with their new Zeta collection of home furniture. Theirsecret is simple: hide chaotic wiring behind crevices within your furniture so that there is no compromise in aesthetics when you plug in those electronic monsters. Is it great? Why don’t we try to make our workspace more interesting and glorious?


Luxurious living rooms created by gorgeous furniture from Roche Bobois

The below gorgeous furniture coming from the Frenchfurniture company Roche Bobois plays an important role in creating the luxurious living rooms that we present here.“A Roche Bobois furniture piece is above all furniture with a unique character, inspired by multiple personalities: The personality of the creator who designed it, with his sense of talent and ingenuity, and your personal touch of freedom and creativity. Customization in any detail, choice of shapes, colors, leathers, woods and finishes. Each furniture piece becomes unique, exclusive and truly created for you.” said Roche Bobois.

Furniture: Amazing floating beds designed by John Huff

“What would the ideal bed look like, feel like and what benefits would it provide? What features would make everyone really LOVE their bed?” That was the wonder of John Huff, the inventor of the Floating Bed. Now, these amazing floating beds are his excellent answers to those questions. Considering comfort and convenience as the key element of designing a floating bed, John Huff was successful in creating spacious, comfortable and gorgeous resting spaces. His fantastic hammocks, waterbeds and four point hanging beds not only bring everyone a good sleep but also beautify the area surrounding them. 

Fascinating sofas for living room from Vitra

It is easy to see that sofa is the largest piece of furniture in a living room because it not only occupies a spacious area but also adds primary effect to the living space. Therefore, interior designers always take a lot of care in choosing the most suitable sofa style for the living room. Today, Interiordesignlovers is pleasure to introduce you our collection of fascinating sofas from Vitra. Vitra’s sofas are designed with a menagerie of fashionable shapes and lovely colors to bring a glorious touch to the room. 

Comfortable reclining chairs from Rofl Benz 577

These comfortable reclining chairs are excellent furniture from Rofl Benz 577. These types of chair have been favoured recently because of its contemporary, elegant and relaxing design. The cutting edge cool design and chic styling of the below reclining chairs make them becomeglamorous recliners which can satisfy every owners. Why don’t you get some great seating like these?




Jennifer Newman furniture collection

With its strong but lightweight frame, the all-aluminium Gap Desk is elegantly striking, with its colourful palette and practical design. It is a funky feature for any studio or home office. A particular design feature is the thermometer shaped groove that has been precision lasered out of the top creating neat solution for cables and wires. The Gap Desk is regularly specified within the hip hotel market but would also add a splash of colour to any home.


The contemporary indoor Trestle Table with matching Stacking Benches adds a shot of brightness to creative studios and indoor spaces. The strong aluminium powder-coated legs can be specified in any colour to create a bold statement beneath the solid ply top. The Trestle Table, in a range of colours, is already being planned as a feature at this year’s Graduate London Fashion Week.

The A-Frame Bench is a stylised take on the traditional English pub bench – brought to life with gorgeous colour and an immaculately powder-coated aluminium finish that is smooth and tactile. As with all Jennifer Newman furniture, the A-Frame Bench can be specified in any colour making it a fun option for the garden. It is a popular choice among architects who colour match to a company’s branding, specifying the A-Frame Benches for the terraces and rooftops of some of the most fashionable offices in London.

Jennifer Newman’s classic Groove Table and Portal Bench in the latest vibrant green brings a slice of early spring into courtyards, terraces and breakout spaces. This season’s green has been chosen for its restful but radiant qualities that balance shades of nature with the built environment. As with the Gap Desk, the Groove Table and Portal bench are made of all-welded aluminium and finished with a high-gloss powder coating that is durable in all conditions. With its strong angular features, this range will please anyone who likes clean lines and classic design.

All furniture will be on show at the Design Factory, Clerkenwell Design Week London 20-22nd May.

Photography by Oliver Perrott
Styling by Lucy Gough

Easy Urban chair by Remy Meijers for odesi

The result is the Easy Urban, a new adaptation of the original Easy chair. Armed with fresh, sleek and minimalistic looks, the Easy Urban is a the youthful counterpart of the classic Easy dining chair.

All the dimensions have remained untouched, this guarantees the same level of excellent comfort as the original model. New is the upholstery of the seating, the materials and build have been completely revamped. The inlaid piping on the edges have made way for strapping patches of real leather. The sides are now trimmed as a single piece, adding even more cleanliness to the contour.

Designed by Remy Meijers for odesi