Glamorous wall designs perfect for home decoration

Named after the popular ancient Japanese Ginkgo tree, the glamorous wall design Ginkgo Acoustic Panel is known as an original and gorgeous sound-absorbing system which is not only a sound design solution but also a lovely home decoration.Produced by Stone Designs, Ginkgo Acoustic Panel has recently been presented at Stockholm Furniture Fair to show its great ability to reduce the ambient noise and create the perfect environment for watching movies and listening to music out loud without disturbing your neighbors’private. “Ginkgo inspires you to dream of nature and brings the most amazing landscapes from all over the world into your indoor environment. Ginkgo can be a cloudy sky in winter or a forest ablaze with colour during the autumn. Merely by changing the colours, this simple shape can morph into millions of different inspirational landscapes.”, explained the designers.

Sweet home wedding decorations

If someone told you that wedding planning is extremely stressful and complicated, it would be completely comprehensible. Not only is it one of the biggest and most expensive events that many people will ever have in their lives, but it is also extremely personal and emotions run high. In fact, one of the most difficult parts of the nuptials is selecting and saving a wedding venue. Depending on the time of year your wedding ceremony will take place, you may even be competing with other couples for specific dates. In order to reduce this burden, many couples decide to host their weddings at a private residence. It is a smart decision because it will help you to save your money and time. To help you plan for a happy wedding, Interiordesignlovers is glad to present our latest collection of wedding decorations called “Sweet home wedding decorations”.

Outdoor party decoration: An exciting plan for weekend

Whether you are already in a holiday or you are waiting for the weekend to start celebrating, now is the time to make a vivid plan for an exciting outdoor party. Today Interiordesignlovers bring you a colorful collection of outdoor party decorations so as to help you prepare for an exciting weekend party. We hope that these wonderful ideas will inspire you to create amazing decorations. Enjoy these glorious images and get great inspiration for yourself!

From Oh Happy Day

From Hostess with the Mostess

From Mike Sidney Photography via Budget Brides Guide

From Oh Joy

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From Design Love Fest

Photo by Kate Simmons via Mirror80

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Marvellous DIY wedding decorations for young couples

The charming tabletop treasures, hanging decorations and food embellishments that we feature here are from a few of the projects in stores. When you try to make some DIY wedding decorations, these items will helps you to save amount of money for purchasing other important things. Remember that if you organize the whole event from scratch, youmay be exhausted. Therefore,you ought to make just a small number of decorations you can complete before the big event rather than trying to assemble decor on site on the big day. Here are some tasteful ideas can help your wedding become more memorable.

From Ruffled

From Camille Styles 

Above 2 from Society Bride

Above 2: from 100 Layer CakeFrom Camille StylesFrom RuffledFrom Hostess with the Mostess  Via Society Bride 

From Bettina’s Blog 
From RuffledFrom 100 Layer CakeFrom 100 Layer Cake

From Tim Duncan Events

Interesting ideas for summer party decorations

As being the hottest of the four temperate seasons in a year, summer is usually considered as the season for rest, vacations and parties. Among these activities, party is the most common one. To prepare for a party, the hosts often decorate not only their home but also the food and drink in order to make everything become interesting and glamorous. Here are some great decoration ideas for you to make a summer party memorable! 

By Oh Happy DayAbove 2 by CakegirlsEvent designed by Amanda O’Shannessy; photo by Melanie DuerkoppAbove 2 by Camille StylesDrink from A Taste of Morning, Image by Laurie PieperFood from Mirror80.comProject design and photography by Athena Plitcha

Angel Food Cupcakes at Bake


From A Beautiful Mess

Cool party decorations – A tasteful way to have fun

In many countries, especially in the Western ones, parties become an important part of the daily life. People would like to gather and make parties to meet their friends, acquaintances and relatives for chatting, eating and drinking so that they can take a rest from stressful working days. Therefore, party decoration more and more attracts attention of hosts. Today, Interiordesignlovers is glad to bring you the 10 cool party decorations – a tasteful way to have fun!

Above 2: from Oh Happy DayFrom Camille StylesFrom Minted
From Crossing the Bugger-Dixon LineFrom MintedFrom A Subtle RevelryFrom CakegirlsFrom MintedFrom Cakegirls