The SU House – a marvellous residence in Germany

Envisioned by Alexander Brenner Architekten on a large area of over 640 square meters on a 2,125 square meter plot, the SU House impressed many locals and visitorsthanks to its modern, original, artistic and glorious architectural design.Taking advantage of the stunning natural landscape surrounding the residence, Alexander Brenner Architekten transformed the SU House into a luxurious resort by creating open floor-plan, airy living space and a large swimming pool – all of these things bring delightful skylight, fresh atmosphere and natural beauty into the home.  

Using natural light, the architects created a glamorous art space for the residence: “A full-width skylight at the back sends light beams onto the wall with paintings and sculptures. From the southern office- and workspace a narrow sculptural staircase leads down to the studio. This two-storey high, almost sacral area serves to present works of art – a passion of the client. Right next to the studio a storeroom for artwork is attached.”  

Photographs by Zooey Braun