The fascinating Iranian Sharifi-ha House displaying original turning boxes

Envisioned and developed by Nextoffice – Alireza Taghaboni, theSharifi-ha House located in Tehran, Iran appears as an extraordinary residence which displays a great art of architecture. Comprised of seven floors, this glamorous residence offers the homeowners a roomy and comfortable space for every daily life activities. The two basement floors houses family conviviality, fitness facilities, and wellness areas. Meanwhile, the ground floor is used for parking and housekeeping rooms. Additionally, social activities take place on the first and second floors, and the family’s private area occupies the third and fourth floors.

The most imposing feature of the Sharifi-ha House is the original displacement of turning boxes that leads the building’s volume to become open or closed, introverted or extroverted: “Here, the openness /closure of the building’s volume is a reference to traditional Iranian houses, which would dynamically serve as seasonal modes of habitation by offering both a Zemestan-Neshin (a winter living room) and Taabestan-Neshin (a summer living room) to their residents”.