The glorious Hill Country Contemporary home in Texas

Located in the renowned Spanish Oaks, Texas, USA, the Hill Country Contemporary home appears as a magnificent residence with imposing architecture and modern, sumptuous interior design. Envisioned and completed by James D. LaRue (architects) in collaboration with Paula Ables Interiors (interior designers), this glorious home is highlighted by a gorgeous landscape courtyard that focuses on a spacious swimming pool leading the way towards the main glass entrance. “This Hill Country Contemporary home was created for a newlywed couple preparing to start a family. They love contemporary, but did not want to be over the top. Comfort and low maintenance were the key phrases and thought used in the plan and completion of this home.”, explained the designers.

The awesome KOTAK Haus presenting fantastic architecture

Owing an original, contemporary and compact design, this gorgeous house called KOTAK Haus is known as a fascinating work of the gifted designer Anway Aljugrey from Inxide Studio. According to the designer, the KOTAK Haus is made from affordable materials that are very sustainable and can look even more glamorous over the time. In fact, the home was structured in a quite modest area, however, the clever use of space made it seem to be larger and more spacious. With its unique architecture and space-saving interior design, the KOTAK Haus offers the owners a comfortable and convenient space for both working and relaxing.

46 North Avenue – A glamorous Sydney home by Rolf Ockert Design

Located in Sydney, the state capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia, this glamorous home named 46 North Avenue was especially designed by Rolf Ockert Design for a growing family with a contemporary and youthful style which was created by the modern architecture in combination with colorful interior design. By cleverly adding two stories to the existing house, Rolf Ockert Design was successful in creating a comfortable living space for the family : “Being only about 100m2 in size, the existing free-standing house was far too small for its intended use. The only way to accommodate the intended brief was to build a two storey addition, something that did not exist in the area”, explained the architects.


The fantastic 65BTP-House in Singapore by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd.

Envisioned and completed by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd., the fantastic private residence named 65BTP-House impressed us with its modern and sophisticated architecture. Situated in Singapore, the 65BTP-House was designed as an open area surrounded by an enormous garden joining in a gigantic pre-war rain tree, which welcomes fresh air as well as natural light and beauty into the home. A wooden deck bordering the swimming pool creates a fantastic outdoor living space for relaxing: “Capitalizing on the site’s sloping typography, the basement was designed such that it opens up into a lower section of the garden, thus making it feel almost like being on ground level. Interestingly, the skylights also provide a spectacularly clear view of the rain tree even from here”.

Photographs by Derek Swalwell

Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute displaying amazing architecture

Designed by Rubin & Rotman Architects, the Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute located in the northern Canadian village of Oujé-Bougoumou displays an interesting story about the art of architecture. Inspired by the Cree people’s traditional longhouse, the shaptuan, and the particular context of the region, Rubin & Rotman Architects artistically created an extraordinary building where “God is in the details”. The most eye-catching part of the Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute is its interesting main hall whose exterior shape was designed exactly like a rugby ball.

[Photo and information provided via e-mail by Rubin & Rotman Architects]

The cozy Azumi House in Perth by Webb & Brown-Neaves

Named The Azumi House, this charming home designed by Webb & Brown-Neaves brings us a cozy ambiance even when we are in a foreign country thanks to its friendly and comfortable design style. Situated in the beautiful Burns Beach in Perth, the magnificent capital of Western Australia, The Azumi House is an artistic combination of the traditional design with the contemporary architecture.  Priced $449,000, this house inspired by Japanese style offers the homeowners a fantastic living space which is not only imbued with the national identity but also structured with a powerful indoor-outdoor connection.

Explaining the traditional elements in The Azumi House, Webb & Brown-Neaves said: “In synergy with the Japanese art of achieving harmony with nature, the Azumi’s iconic shoji screens, water gardens, feature timber ceilings and horizontal detailed windows exude a calming Asian influence. Fundamentally a family home, the Azumi is not without Webb & Brown-Neaves sophistication and comfort, featuring a central gourmet kitchen, 5-star master suite, high ceilings and a stately, formal entry”.

Stunning hillside California residence by Studio William Hefner

Designed by the Los Angeles-based team Studio William Hefner, this California residence impressed us with its contemporary architecture, exquisite interior designs, and magnificent mountain landscapes. In order to take full advantage of its great location, the residence was creatively transformed into open spaces with enormous glass doors in every room, which brings fresh atmosphere and natural light into the home as well as offers the owners stunning views from the beloved residence. Designed as a luxurious resort, the home includes a cool infinity pool that adds a glamorous touch to the exciting outdoor living space.

The lavish Faena House capturing splendid views from Miami Beach

Located in Miami Beach, a luxurious coastal resort city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, this lavish residence named Faena House is considered as the first phase of global expansion of The Faena Group, which was founded by Alan Faena and partnered by Len Blavatnik. Taking full advantage of its great location, each floor of the Faena House was designed with a sun spot that reaches out further under the sky as the levels drop, which allows each apartment to place their comfortable recliners for enjoying their quota of sunny rays, while a penthouse pool is the cherry on top of the cake, where clouds float overhead in the blue Miami sky. 

The pretty cool Elwood Residence in Melbourne, Australia

Called the Elwood Residence, this charming home is known as an inspiring work of Robson Rak Architects in cooperation with Made by Cohen. Located in Melbourne, the prosperous capital and most populous city in the state of Victoria, this appealing Australian private residence showcases a stylish and modern design createdby cool lines and eco-friendly materials as well as the exquisite combination of colors, furniture and ornaments. The dark volumetric addition in the back of the house hints towards a contemporarysetting and increased functionality, while the bright and open interiors invites fresh atmosphere and natural light into the home. All of these bring owners an ideal space for living and relaxing.

Photographs by Shannon McGrath

The magnificent Saguaro Forest VII presenting fantastic architecture

Envisioned by Scottsdale-based Urban Design Associates (UDA), this magnificent residence known as the Saguaro Forest VII surprised us by its exquisite and splendid architecture. As their promise: “From the first conversation to the final nail, we spare no effort in bringing you home.”, UDA created a stunning Saguaro Forest VII with brilliant categories such as an imposing entry courtyard doubling as an outdoor living room cleverly fusing the inside and outside in a continuous flow; aglamoroustwo-storeyclassical library completing with a limetone fireplace thatcreates a fantastic layout for adventures and discoveries; or a cosy dining room with luxurious interior designs showing a regal and lavish life, etc.