The fantastic Low/Rise House for a green architecture

Situated in the romantic Silicon Valleyof the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California, United States, this fantastic green home called the Low/Rise House appears as a peaceful island which owns a natural beauty along with a contemporary and exquisite design. Spreading an enormous space of 4.500 square feet, the Low/Rise House designed by Spiegel Aihara Workshop uses the principles of traditional Californian ranch house and farm tower to form a luxurious life through anartisticarchitecture. Primarily made of wooden and eco-friendly materials, this environmentally-friendly home is a perfect choice for the ones who love green architecture. Inspired by the green architecture, Spiegel Aihara Workshop created an amazing environmentally-friendly home with natural wooden and eco-friendly materials.


With a cosy atmosphere radiating through, the Low/Rise House boasts a first floor shaped by “two long and narrow structures that intersect in an open kitchen, providing distinct programmatic areas and settling into the tree-lined landscape, allowing yards to surround and permeate each room. Subtle rotations of the geometry assist in way-finding, as well as identification of the more public and more private functions. 

The private master suite opens into a fern garden in the eastern corner of the site, while large sliding glass doors suspend the living room within the landscape for family gatherings or larger events. A compact and vertical guest tower is sited at the western corner of the lot amongst tall evergreens, allowing for a more private guest experience, more compact floor plan, and the ability to effectively shut off (socially and energy-wise) the guest spaces zone by zone during typical daily use. 

Atop the 30-foot tower, a roof deck emerges through the trees, providing a unique vantage point of the structure below and the surrounding townscape.”, explained the architects.

Photographs by Bruce Damonte