Impressive Skyline Residence in Portland, Oregon featuring green architecture

Spreading over a massive area of 1.7 acre site in Portland, the largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon, the impressive Skyline Residence by Nathan Good Architects is known as a vivid example of contemporary green architecture with the great ability to generate as much solar-electric energy on-site as the home consumes annually. Aiming at creating an eco-friendly architecture, the architects cleverly used high-quality materials salvaged  from the previous home on the site in combination with natural lighting, low-flow plumbing fixtures, as well as efficient storm-water management and green roofs.

 Especially designed for a middle-age couple and their three children to suit a modern and dynamic life, the Skyline Residence was structured with three storeys. The first floor serves as public areas including entry hall, great room, utility room and garage. Then, the upper level is comprised of three bedrooms and three bathrooms while the lower level is place for game, exercise, mechanical and storage.

[ Landscape Designer: Cynthia Woodyard; Photography by Jeremy Bittermann]