Impressive Skyline Residence in Portland, Oregon featuring green architecture

Spreading over a massive area of 1.7 acre site in Portland, the largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon, the impressive Skyline Residence by Nathan Good Architects is known as a vivid example of contemporary green architecture with the great ability to generate as much solar-electric energy on-site as the home consumes annually. Aiming at creating an eco-friendly architecture, the architects cleverly used high-quality materials salvaged  from the previous home on the site in combination with natural lighting, low-flow plumbing fixtures, as well as efficient storm-water management and green roofs.

 Especially designed for a middle-age couple and their three children to suit a modern and dynamic life, the Skyline Residence was structured with three storeys. The first floor serves as public areas including entry hall, great room, utility room and garage. Then, the upper level is comprised of three bedrooms and three bathrooms while the lower level is place for game, exercise, mechanical and storage.

[ Landscape Designer: Cynthia Woodyard; Photography by Jeremy Bittermann]

Stylish green lakeshore home by Robert Bailey Interiors

Stylish, gorgeous and original, this green lakeshore home was especially designed by Robert Bailey Interiors for a family who had spent many holidays on Okanagan Lake, a large and magnificent lake in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Therefore, they desired to have a hideaway that was as inviting as their favorite location. By cleverly combining brick, stone with timber and other eco-friendly materials, Robert Bailey Interiors created a comfortable and environmentally-friendly living space for the family to enjoy their daily life with fresh atmosphere, splendid sunset and poetic surrounding landscapes.

The green Canadian home designed by Daniel Evan White

Located in the peaceful Saanich, British Columbia, Canada, this fantastic green home is known as one of the most imposing works of Daniel Evan White. Taking inspiration from green architecture, Daniel Evan White created an environmentally-friendly home which is an artistic combination of wooden, glass and natural materials. It was his inspiring green design that brought a fresh, clean and cozy atmosphere to the residence. 

The fantastic Low/Rise House for a green architecture

Situated in the romantic Silicon Valleyof the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California, United States, this fantastic green home called the Low/Rise House appears as a peaceful island which owns a natural beauty along with a contemporary and exquisite design. Spreading an enormous space of 4.500 square feet, the Low/Rise House designed by Spiegel Aihara Workshop uses the principles of traditional Californian ranch house and farm tower to form a luxurious life through anartisticarchitecture. Primarily made of wooden and eco-friendly materials, this environmentally-friendly home is a perfect choice for the ones who love green architecture. Inspired by the green architecture, Spiegel Aihara Workshop created an amazing environmentally-friendly home with natural wooden and eco-friendly materials.


With a cosy atmosphere radiating through, the Low/Rise House boasts a first floor shaped by “two long and narrow structures that intersect in an open kitchen, providing distinct programmatic areas and settling into the tree-lined landscape, allowing yards to surround and permeate each room. Subtle rotations of the geometry assist in way-finding, as well as identification of the more public and more private functions. 

The private master suite opens into a fern garden in the eastern corner of the site, while large sliding glass doors suspend the living room within the landscape for family gatherings or larger events. A compact and vertical guest tower is sited at the western corner of the lot amongst tall evergreens, allowing for a more private guest experience, more compact floor plan, and the ability to effectively shut off (socially and energy-wise) the guest spaces zone by zone during typical daily use. 

Atop the 30-foot tower, a roof deck emerges through the trees, providing a unique vantage point of the structure below and the surrounding townscape.”, explained the architects.

Photographs by Bruce Damonte

Dezanove House – an inspiring green architecture

Being famous for its inspiring green architecture, this original residence named Dezanove House, which is situated near the Arousa estuary, in the Northwest of Spain, attracts a great attention of the community of architects and designers all over the world. Artistically created by Iñaki Leite, this green home impressed us because of its sustainable design which was constructed from recycled wood from the local fishing industry. The high energy rating was achieved “with a complex ventilation system design, high insulation, low system’s consumption, use of large south-facing glass surfaces combined with flexible use of solar protection elements”, said the architects.

[Photos by:Adrián Vázquez]

The unique green Drew House in Australia

Unique, interesting and sustainable, the Drew House is an extraordinary brainchild of Simon Laws of Anthill Constructions. Placed near the wonderful Great Barrier Reef of Queensland, Australia, the Drew House emerges as a green island with environmentally-friendly living space and marvelous landscapes.

Description from the architects:

“Living and sleeping pods along with a bath house were built in Brisbane, close to construction services and transported the 500 km to the fully completed site. The prefabricated parabolic roofed structure and decks were erected on site and the various pods were connected through a large central outdoor living and dining area. Natural oiled timbers and other low-finished materials create a neutral environment that along with the dynamic indoor/outdoor spaces, allow the maximum enjoyment of the wonderful bushland setting and mild sub-tropical climate. Rainwater tanks, solar hot water and electrical panels and a passive energy efficient design make the house largely self sufficient”. 

The innovative green house Midori Uchi in Canada

“Midori Uchi”,in Japanese,means “Green Home” – a simple concept, yet complex in its history and inspiring in its functionality. Located in North Vancouver, a beautiful city of British Columbia, Canada, the Midori Uchi designed by Naikoon Contracting and Kerschbaumer Design achieved the LEED Canada for Homes Platinum rating, R-2000 energy efficiency certification and Built Green Canada Platinum thanks to its fantastic green design which performs “net-zero designs and net-zero capabilities, state-of-the-art energy production and conservation abilities, grey water filtration system, subtle, natural Japanese inspired influences, and the only residential rammed earth wall in urban Metro Vancouver.” 

Photographs by Ema Peter

The Bay House – a glorious green home design by Gardner Mohr Architects

Taking advantage of overlooking the marvelous Chesapeake Bay, this glorious green home called the Bay House offers the owners an ideal space for living and relaxing. Cleverly designed by Gardner Mohr Architects, the Bay House was transformed from an old house with the 80′s architecture into a modern and glamorous home with the new, green and sustainable architecture. According to Gardner Mohr Architects, “The owner’s sustainability goals were met by using passive as well as active strategies. Passive strategies include ventilation, day lighting and shading controls.  Water conservation and harvesting are achieved through low-flow fixture selection, collection and reuse of rainwater, the infiltration of 100% of the storm water on site, and the construction of a “living shoreline” for breeding of aquatic life.” 

The fascinating Green Screen House in Japan

This fascinating residence named Green Screen House is known as one of the most inspiring works of HideoKumakiArchitectOffice. Placed in Saitama, Japan, the Green Screen House is highly appreciated because of its green, contemporary and elegant architecture. The highlight of this glamorous home is the large green screen which brings a fresh, airy and cool atmosphere to the home.The architects affirmed that this green screen can lower the temperature on the terrace with more than 10 degrees Celsius, which is definitely helpful in this boiling summer. 

Contemporary Vietnamese green house by MM++ Architects

Situated in Govap, Ho Chi Minh City, this contemporary green house is considered as a fresh resort filled of clean air and tropical trees which make a great contribution to cool the whole residence during this hot summer in Vietnam. Especially designed for a three generation family by MM++ Architects, this green house consists of 4 stories with clever designs. The ground floor is occupied by the welcoming living space and an open kitchen which facilitate conversations between family members. The first and second floors are chosen as ideal places for locating bedrooms, while a large terrace offers fantastic views. MM++ Architects beautified the house with the green garden and terrace.