Eye-catching interior apartment design with classic pieces

Classic and elegant is one way to describe this apartment. Also, contemporary and eye-catching is another. Designed by the collaboration between Elvin Aliyev and Leyla Ibrahimova, the interior design of this apartment presents an artistic combination of the comfortable elegance of classic style with the sleek simplicity of modern pieces. By cleverly mixing luxurious white chandeliers, stylish sofas and exquisite artworks with calming neutral colors of the walls, the designers brought the owners a relaxing and exciting space to get out of all their daily stresses. 



Captivating two-level apartment design in Sweden by ConceptHome

Situated in the beautiful Sweden, this captivating two-level apartment visualized and completed by ConceptHome displays an original and environmentally-friendly architecture in a perfect combination with modern interior design. By cleverly mixing natural materials with quality craftsmanship and colorful interiors, ConceptHome created a stylish and inviting living space that keeps the homeowners in safe and comfort. Concretely, oak flooring and furniture is used as the key element in constructing the apartment. 

Designed as the centre of the home, the living area was structured with high ceilings and enormous windows capturing splendid outside views in order to offer the owners an ideal space for relaxing and enjoying poetic natural landscapes. Moreover, a fireplace made from natural stone divides the living zone from the kitchen and adds a glamorous touch to the apartment.

Stylish apartment design by Pavel Voytov

Many designers often use the theme of neutral colors, especially black and white so as to feature a home with a modern and luxurious style. However, a home may lack fun and interest without the mix of several colors. Designed by Pavel Voytov, this stylish apartment owns a glamorous beauty with youthful and contemporary interiors which are enlivened by the perfect integration of neutral and bright colors consisting of brown, white, grey, lime green, purple, and sky blue, etc. Particularly, the open and airy living room formed by the gray sofa in combination with a yellow coffee table and colorful ornaments offers the owners a comfortable space for gathering and entertaining. 

3 charming small apartment designs from Curly Studio

A spacious area often facilitates architects and designers to perform palatial architecture as well as marvelous designs. However, a talented designer is a person who can cleverly arrange every element to create a roomy space within a modest area. By creatively mixing simple designs with neutral colors and using plenty of shelving and storage, Curly Studio was successful in transforming these three small apartments into appealing and comfortable places to live.

In spite of being structured in only 344 square feet (32 square meters), the first apartment still offers owners an exciting living space with a beautiful wood platform bed separated from the main room of the home by custom floating shelves.Instead of shelving, the second home designed in 40 square meters (431 square feet ) uses sliding glass doors to separate the bedroom from the living area.With only 484 square feet (45 square meters), the final apartment cleverly borrows a sofa table to separate the living space from the dining room, which has plenty of room for a party of four.

Youthful Polish apartment design by Plasterlina

Placed in Warsaw, the capital and largest city of Poland, this glamorous apartment created by the team at Architecture and Interior Design firm Plasterlina immediately caught our attention by its modern, colorful and stylish design. With their exquisite combination of delightful colors, space-saving furniture and clever room separation, Plasterlina made the apartment seem larger than it really is, with spacious areas for gathering, resting, entertaining, and working.

25 charming 3D apartment plans

Envisioned by 3D modeling and texture artist Shako Gurgenidze and CG artist Dmitriy Schuka, these 25 charming 3D apartment plans will immediately satisfy many clients because of their clever, stylish and comfortable designs. Each of them features an entire one-floor apartment space which is carefully decorated with quaint wall art, delightful paint, colorful ornaments and modern, functional furniture. Now, let come and see how these two talented designers visualize their 3D apartment plans!

Sumptuous French apartment design by Teresa Sapey

Located in the industrial portion of Bordeaux, a busy port city on the Garonne River in the Girondedepartment in southwestern France, this apartment design was artistically transformed from a former garage into a sumptuous and contemporary apartment. Envisioned by the gifted Italian designer/architect Teresa Sapey, this French apartment was fundamentally divided into two principal spaces: public and private. The public space used for welcoming visitors and friends includes a modern kitchen, a unique wine cellar and a comfortable guest bedroom. Meanwhile, the private space embraces a spacious lounge/recreation room with space-saving bookshelves and access to an interior courtyard.Moreover, there are many other appealing areas here for you to explore.

Tasteful London penthouse design by TG-Studio

Placed in a historic Edwardian building, near London’s financial district, on the Leman Street, this tasteful penthouse designed by TG-Studio owns a sumptuous, aristocratic and glorious beauty. TG-Studio created an elegant living environment by using warm color and spontaneity. “As the penthouse is a new-build on top of a refurbished Edwardian building, the approach to the interior was of particular significance to me. I knew it had to be treated differently in order not to undermine the character of the older parts of the building.”,shared TG-Studio.

[Photo credit: Philip Vile]

Appealing Taiwanese apartment design by Ganna Design Studio

Created by Ganna Design Studio, this apartment called Overlap impressed us by its appealing, original and creative design. Placed in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Overlap was especially designed for a married couple with a youthful, modern and fresh style. Enthusiastically joining in completing this fantastic apartment, the young couple collected many gorgeous miniatures as well as cute objects and toys for decorating their beloved home. In order to add more novelty to the apartment, Ganna Design Studio placed a long table measuring 440 centimeters combined with three elegant black hanging lamps in the living room, which brings a cafe-like atmosphere into the room.

[Photos and information provided via e-mail by Ganna Design Studio]

Elegant apartment design in China by Taranta Creations

Situated in Huaihai Road of the luxurious Shanghai, China, this apartment designed by Taranta Creations emerges as a peaceful island in a busy and populous city. The architecture studioTaranta Creations brought the concept of a comfortable and modern urban retreat into the apartment by creating aroomy, fresh and airy space where the owners can rebalance themselves after a long, hard and stressful day. This 100 square meter apartmentis dominated by the colour theme of white which brings a sense of purity and freshness. The architects used light grey and pastel orange as complementary hues to add more interesting effects to the home.

[Photos and information provided via e-mail by Taranta Creations]