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The innovative green house Midori Uchi in Canada

With three different levels of green certification, this innovative green house named Midori Uchi is known...

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Amazing sculptural decoration by Shawn Smith
01 Aug 2014
Decoration is rich in types, styles, ways and occasions. Sculpture is often considered as one of the most interesting and artistic way to decorate. 
Extraordinary sculptures from waste newspapers
01 Aug 2014
If you know the way to renew everything, there is nothing waste! That is our statement when we found these fascinating sculptures which were created from waste newspapers. 
Amazing paper sculptures from Carlon Meira
01 Aug 2014
Various, unique and impressive, paper sculpture may be an interesting suggestion for decoration in festivals. 
Decoration: Turn your home to a small green garden
01 Aug 2014
It will be very fantastic to make your home become a small terrarium with tiny cacti and green plants. 
The artistic Pracownia restaurant design by Wamhouse
30 Jul 2014
Designed as a light pastiche of a painter’s studio, Pracownia attracts a great attention of not only visitors but also the community of architects and designers.
The original Ikibana restaurant in Barcelona
30 Jul 2014
Inspired by a great respect for nature, the Ikibana restaurant attracts many visitors owing to itsfriendly, original and impressive design.
A new romantic Copenhagen restaurant
30 Jul 2014
“Llama is among the first restaurants in the region to draw on the flavors of the South American continent.” That is what the owners said about this glamorous restaurant.
The imposing Odessa restaurant in Kiev
30 Jul 2014
It is the glamorous design with unique ropes and lighting system and cozy ambience that attract more and morecustomersto Kiev’s fantastic Odessa restaurant.
Ramen Bar Suzuki – extraordinary restaurant design with mosaic walls
30 Jul 2014
Known as one of the most famous restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, the Ramen Bar Suzuki impresses visitors because of its appealing and unique design.
Blissful and relaxed, the Maya Ubud Resort is a place where the nature is your friend and the serene evenings spread a sweet and light scent of summer. 

3 charming small apartment designs from...

3 charming small apartment designs from Curly Studio

Modest, but contemporary and convenient, these 3 charming apartment designs...

25 charming 3D apartment plans

25 charming 3D apartment plans

Contemporary, beautiful and convenient, these 25 charming 3D apartment plans...

Loft 44 - an imposing Brazilian...

Loft 44 - an imposing Brazilian apartment design

Designed as an airy and open space, Loft 44 welcomes...

Youthful Polish apartment design by Plasterlina

Youthful Polish apartment design by Plasterlina

Contemporary, fresh and convenient, this colorful Polish apartment absolutely suits...

Stylish apartment designs for youngsters

Stylish apartment designs for youngsters

It is believed that youngsters always like things which are...

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Google’s extraordinary office design in Israel

Google’s extraordinary office design in Israel

Google often has their own ways to show the creativity and difference. This amazing office design may be one...

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Cool bathroom design by Laufen offering kids exciting moments

Cool bathroom design by Laufen offering kids exciting moments

Cool, interesting and colorful, this lovely kid bathroom design by Laufen can immediately interest any kid in nurseries, kindergartens and...

Royal Dental – A sumptuous dental office in Romania

Royal Dental – A sumptuous dental office in Romania

Located in the prosperous Bucharest - the capital municipality, cultural, industrial, and financial centre ofRomania, this glamorous dental office attracts...



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