Stunning Living Room Furniture: How To Choose Luxury Pieces

If you wish to overcome this issue, you need to ensure that you understand current trends and styles. Impeccable home furnishing takes time and money to complete. You must spend a whole load of time thinking about what you want, and how you can achieve your desired effect.

Consider your interior design

If you don’t plan to alter your interior design, you need to consider what living room furniture will suit it. For example, if you have minimalist interior decor, you can afford to be a little experimental when it comes to what pieces you get. You could try out some postmodern furniture pieces in the room with ease as they will provide a striking contrast to the decor. Alternately, if you happen to have a lavish decor style in the room, you should stick to classic furnishings.

Find a unique designer

There are many brilliant designers on the scene right now, and so you should have no issues finding one that you adore. Look at a range of furnishing styles before you settle on one. Remember, you need to find pieces that suit your home and attract attention. If you already have a particular fashion in mind, you can use that as a starting point. Do some research and see what you can find online. You never know, you might stumble on a new trend that you had not considered until now.

Ask for bespoke extras

Sometimes, furniture is not just aesthetically pleasing; it is also functional. If you want something special for your living room, you should get a piece like the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair. Having the luxury of a massage chair in your home will mean that you can relax and enjoy your living room whenever you please. If you get some unique, yet functional pieces for your living space, it will set your home apart from the crowds.

Combine comfort and style

If you create a room full of ultra stylish furniture that is uncomfortable, you will regret it. You need a place that is cozy so that you can settle down there in your free time. You should look for designers that incorporate both comfort and style into their pieces. Many new artists pride themselves on using both of these things in their designs, and so you should be able to find one that does so. Remember, you always need to view a piece before you buy it, or you will find that you don’t know what you will get.

Mix a host of designs

There is one major trap many people fall into when it comes to furnishing a room. You must not think that you need to match all the designs to one another. Attempting to create a theme for the room will only make it appear to be sterile and dull. Rather than choosing pieces from the same designer or trend, you can afford to mix and match pieces. You might want a Gothic table and some contemporary chairs. You have to be creative when it comes to your interior, and so you need to dare to be different.

Follow trends online

The more you learn about furniture design, the better chance you have of creating a beautiful, stylish home. You must ensure that you keep abreast of any new developments in the area. There are always new designs available online, and so you need to pay attention to what is trendy. If you do so, you will create the ideal look for your house.

Buy Green Furniture with Soybean Seating

Many home interior experts suggest that you should consider purchasing a sofa made out of leather mainly because it is durable compared to the alternatives. Apart from that, you will have an easy time cleaning it. Cleaning furniture made out of fabric can be time consuming and expensive, and its lifespan is shorter due to wear and tear. Modern furniture is more comfortable, easily maintained, and shows off your great sense of style.

When customers are looking for the best place to purchase these goods, most of them do not know what to really consider. One of the important things one should consider is the retailers’ reputation. Serious retailers who have been in the business over the long haul know their manufacturers, and which furniture markets and fairs across the continent offer superior products for their customers. If you’re searching for a sofa store in Toronto that’s committed to their customers, consider The Chesterfield Shop, a business that’s been furnishing Toronto homes since the 1940s.

Experienced retailers also provide after-sales services,an important thing to consider when you’re making an investment of this variety. It is one of the ways of ensuring that the furniture you buy reaches its destination in good condition. Retailers like The Chesterfield Shop have been able to outshine the rest because they offer better customer service and better products at a better price.

If you’re environmentally-minded, you may be wondering whether you can make a purchase with a minimal carbon footprint. With the increase in global warming, many people have been looking for better ways of using eco-friendly products to scale down global emission levels and their personal carbon footprint. You can find out more about environmentally friendly products such as soybean seating at Toronto’s Chesterfield Shop. The introduction of soybean-based polyols has been a game changer in the seating industry. Soybean seating decreases furniture production’s reliance on fossil fuels – a small change for the industry with a big global impact. If you want to make a difference with your sofa purchase, definitely ask about soybean-based cushions.

Not all chesterfield retailers are created equally; some excel more than others at meeting the unique demands of their customers. Go with a company that’s been in the business for decades, run by people who love what they do and really care about home interiors. Find all of your sofas, ottomans, loveseats, and recliners under a single roof, stop by a reputable retailer today to update your home’s look and give it a piece of your own unique personality. Toronto is rich with options, but a leather couch is a piece that will stay with you for years. Make sure you find one that’s going to outlast shifting trends.

KOHLER Touchless Toilet Flush Kit – a fantastic design idea increasing bathroom hygiene

This fantastic toilet design named KOHLER Touchless Toilet Flush Kit is a smart toilet that helps to increase bathroom hygiene. The most remarkable function of the toilet is that its DIY retrofit system allows users to simply hold their hand above the tank and operate water flow, instead of touching the regular handle. The KOHLER Touchless Toilet Flush Kit was designed with a no-touch sensor module installed within the tank, which projects an electromagnet field on top. When the field is interrupted via a simple wave of the hand, the flushing action is activated.

The Touchless flush is a great solution to this growing demand for increased hygiene in the bathroom. Homeowners are of course worried about the hygiene and health of their family members, and the toilet trip lever is an obvious area of hygienic concern. Touchless takes that concern out of the equation, utilizing new technology to provide a touchless way to control the flush.”, affirmed Brian Hedlund, marketing manager for Kohler’s toilet and bidet division.If you are interested in this toilet, you can order the kit online for $100 at Kohler’s website, though we also found it at Home Depot for $75.

DIY: Extraordinary Halloween pumpkins

Halloween Day initiates the triduum of Hallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers. Interiordesignlovers hope that our collection of these extraordinary and unique Halloween pumpkins may bring you crazy cool moments for your next Halloween!

by Billy Hutchby Thinking Manby Philip Hayby 21HAbove 2 by Carrieby asp_tamerby Kevinby Williamby Randy Coxby Kevinby Plankskateby Michael Cramerby Mark Ratliffby Robert Simmons[Via][Via]by David JamesThe Wink by TomDalek Pumpkin: Complete DIY tutorial here[Via]Picture by ScottPhotographed by John ResigWordPress Pumpkin By Eric Martin

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Spacious teen room designs capturing charming views

Designed in open spaces with huge glass doors that help to capture the outside charming landscapes, these glamorous rooms offer teenagers a fascinating personal space for study as well as entertainment and relaxation. Zalf, the prestigious Italian furniture company, cleverly combined their trendy and colourful furniture with the elegant background and roomy space of the rooms so as to create ideal places for teens to enjoy their private.

Top 25 gorgeous Italian kitchen designs from SCIC

Known as inspiring works of SCIC, these gorgeous Italian kitchens showcase stylish, contemporary and smart designs with inviting seating areas, functional furniture and cozy atmosphere for you to enjoy delicious meal with the whole family. Each of the 25 kitchens that we featured here was designed with an original style that is different from the others. While this oneuses cool beige tones and recessed lighting to offer a peaceful space for owners, another cheers things up with open yellow cabinets for a youthful vibe. Also, the other kitchen may bring you a traditional sense with its reddish orange accents and unique sunken dining table. Now, come and see how they are different!


Top 19 elegant dining room designs

Historically, the dining room is decorated with a rather bulkydining tableand a lot of dining chairs.The most common shape of those chairs is generally rectangular with two armed end chairs and an even number of un-armed side chairs along the long sides. However, dining rooms nowadays are often designed in a much more creative way which is modern, elegant and space-saving with lots of compact furniture. This collection presents top 19 typical types of elegant dining room designs that we are extremely interested.

by MAKE Design Studioby Ryland Peters & Smallby Original Style Design Studioby AND Interior Design Studioby General Assemblyby Robin Mutoby mtsolemby Mueller Nicholls Cabinets and Constructionby Living2Designby Sabal Homesby Portico Design Groupby House + House Architectsby Nichole Loiacono Designby Sarah Greenmanby Daniel Payaby KSID Studio

Top 10 glorious bedroom designs

Because people are different, their interests are not the same. Some may enjoy youthfulness and modernity, while others prefer classic and luxury. The 10 fantastic bedrooms that we feature here also display difference in designing and interest. Each bedroom was designed with a different style and brought us its own interesting story. If this one offers you a trip to the Victorian era, another may take you on a stroll through the rooms of a house on some deserted street. Some are stunning and lavish, while the others are very simple and elegant. Some are youthful and contemporary, but some are classical and mysterious. In general, each bedroom design is different from the other, but all are glorious.

ViaBy ElifBy PnnBy DinaBy XsekoxBy TareqBanamaBy ZhitnikBy Attila DesignBy Dotso

Cool bathroom design by Laufen offering kids exciting moments

Aiming at bringing a friendly environment for children to learn about hygiene, Laufen creatively mixed the quaint rounded shapes with bold colors and influences from the animal and plant kingdoms to complete this fantastic bathroom design. The bathroom is marked by a stylish washstand with a basin shaped into a flower blossom.The range also displays ceramic shelves with little cloud-like shapes and small mirrors which is available in red and green and can be lined up in series to create a comical caterpillar.


Get inspiration from creative DIY black and white bookself by Malinda

The Black and White Bookself that we show you hereis a creative DIY project which was designed by Malinda and featured by Apartment Therapy. The progress of creating this bookcase is quite simple and costs just $75. Making some great creations from basic materials and you will become a talented designer!

Designer: Malinda
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Time: “…about 3 weekends due to my short attention span and poor planning.” [more below]
Cost: Approx. $75 for materials



Now, our gifted designers! Let see how Malinda renovate her bookcase.


Mod Podge glue (A.C. Moore)
Spray acrylic (A.C. Moore)
Wrapping paper (Blue Tulip stationary store)
Gift bag (Blue Tulip)
Notecards (Blue Tulip)
Decorative paper (Kate’s Paperie)
Wallpaper (ebay)
Paint (leftover latex paint I had, semigloss white & flat black)
Utility knife
Roller (for smoothing out paper)


“I bought this bookcase (made of particle board) about 10 years ago from the back room “as is” section of a furniture store, so it wasn’t in the greatest of shape when I started this project. It’s been in my office where it’s become a disorganized mess. I thought it would be a good piece for a make over.” shared Malinda.


“I first sanded and painted the trim and underneath the shelves in a semigloss white. I didn’t use primer because I didn’t have any on hand, so I ended up having to paint about 5 coats. Used Mod Podge decoupage medium for gluing wrapping paper to top of shelves. I had to cut the wrapping paper in several smaller pieces for each shelf because else it would tear or become very wrinkled. The glue had to dry about ½ hour and then another coat of the Mod Podge was put on top of wrapping paper. I also used spray acrylic to further protect and seal the shelves. Next I painted the sides of bookcase in flat black paint and cut notecards and gift bag for a decoupaged design on the sides. For the inside of the bookcase I used a vinyl pre-pasted wallpaper. On top of the bookcase I did decoupage again with a black textured decorative paper. I used leftover scraps of the wrapping paper, wall paper and decorative paper to decoupage a bookend.” said Malinda.AFTER

How much time did the project take?

“While this project could have easily been completed in one or two weekends, it took me about 3 weekends due to my short attention span and poor planning. The preparation part also took a while because I wanted to find several black and white patterns that would go together and not be too overwhelming. I did a little bit at a time, maybe working 2-4 hours at most. Poor planning included not preparing for the paint as well as I should so it took many coats and a lot of touch up.” told Malinda.


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